I’ve Mostly Been Hunting Dragons

I seriously doubt that anyone has been able to avoid the Thing called Skyrim. 
It is as time consuming as one might think. And when you are a stay-at-home dad like me you have very limited “free time” on your hands. Sadly this has meant that I have been neglecting Warhammer.
I would be lying to say that Skyrim is the only reason, but I am quite sure that nobody really needs to know all the reasons why somebody has been “away” from an internet community. It just happens.
Luckily last few days have been quite busy when it comes to Warhammer. 
Jackdays has released his marvelous Norsca guidebook and is even know working on it to bring WFRP3 players more bits and pieces so they could call the Frozen North their home. I also received a great amount of notes conserning the adventure I am writing for Liber Fanatica 9. I am sure they will force me (in a good way) to get back on writing for LF. The marvelous preview I got from our editor/artist god Jussi Alarauhio didn’t hurt much either.

The problem with the Reckless Dice Podcasts in iTunes has also been fixed so I finally managed to get the latest episodes (as I am too lazy to learn new ways when I can just bitch about the old ones beign better).

There just might be a little something extra brewing on my mind. Something eldritch… But I will have to get back on this when it is a bit more ready.
Aaaand as a final thought – here is someConcept art for Skyrim: http://skyrimguild.com/concept-art/ Great way to introduce your players to Nordland and Norsca!

Stuff of Geeky & Gory Nonsense

I am really lazy when it comes to blogs. I might bookmark them and then (after few months of “nah, let’s not go there”ing) I’ll just delete them.

But sometimes something simple and/or simply good comes along I begin to take interest. So let me point you towards to blogs that need to be mentioned as excellent source of inspiration for running WFRP (or other rpgs for that matter).

Stuff of Nonsense is gaming blog by a fellow liberfanatic. The writer of this either has too much time on her hands or the best games ever as she takes quite a lot of time to prepare for the games (something I personally tend not to do at all…). Lengthy posts seem to be kind of trade mark of hers but as she has interesting things to say I don’t mind this at all.

Another new finding for me was a picture “blog” called Geek and Gory. It not what you could call “friendly for children” but if you are just browsing through the web you can spend hours here just looking at his findings. Great art for gaming purposes is guaranteed.


I just noticed the Reckless Dice Podcast has changed their domain. Their new site can be found HERE.

Why the Silence?

I’ve been neglecting this blog for some time now.

I should have added that I recieved a new character sheet (still WIP) and that RDP discussed about GMing WFPR from a beginner’s point-of-view (by the way it is HERE). I should also have already published the collected posts for Starting WFRP but they are still only saved as a draft…

BUT! At least I’ve a good reason of this kind of delayed action. I’ve been working my ass of for the next issue of Liber Fanatica. Can’t say much of it yet but hopefully we’ll be able to publish it before the holidays.

I’ll try to find some time to post updates but the sequel to Wanted has to be prepared first.

At the mean time… Game on!

Reckless Ramblings

After sleeping for only a few ours (thanks to my son who decided to wake up at three o’clock) I was in some weird state of mind. An energy drink did not help the feeling but still it was an great experience and great fun to take part to the Reckless Dice Podcast.

Even though the only thing I can remember saying was “what-erm-mm-wha-what?” after a garbage truck drove by and the background noise on Skype went silent I still think it was great for RDP to has me as a guest.

I still haven’t had the nerves to listen the said podcast – I hate the sound of my own voice and I’m afraid to learn what I actually said. :)

As I’m quite sure it still was a good session you should check it out HERE.