The Piper and the Way Down

At the beginning of this session Nils gets back from his own quest and tells the party about a henchman of skaven who had just come to Ubersreik. Joachim leaves to investigate this (mainly because his player had to leave early).

This was a small session during which the only thing that happened was Nils and Barnabas visiting von Saponatheim and Hjalmar finding a hidden door to the tunnels of skaven. I’ve no recollection about the social encounter with von Saponatheim but clearly the characters were not inspired by him as they decided to support von Holzenauer in the coming ball. Most likely they were suspecting him to be in league with the ratmen (as well as the Ordo Septenarius).

Hjalmar however managed to find the door to Underbelly (yes. I used the location from Wanted here and the irony is not lost to me as it was my idea to NOT include skaven in the Underbelly… ) and while he was searching it he encountered the three gutter runners of the Skaven Engineer (I wasn’t going to use a grey seer for EoN) and he tried to follow one of them.

Incredibly enough he actually did manage to follow one of the skavens but only to be ambushed by it. In a fast combat that followed he was nearly killed but managed to perform an miraculous stunt while lying blinded in the mud – he bunched the creature to its groin with all of his strength and pulled…

When Hjalmar got back to the party’s hideout stinking of mud, skaven urine, blood and musk of fear he alerted his friends to search for the hidden door. So Barnabas and Nils left him to recover and found the door with little effort. There did not seem to be any guards at the door but an enormous amount of rats. And while they were a little nervous they still tried to enter the tunnels only to find out that the door was locked and the rats could “swarm up”.

After fighting the swarm of rats they noticed one of the homeless that had been sleeping in the abandoned houses near the entrance. He was playing an old flute with a strange melody. Barnabas succeeded in a folk lore check and remembered a story about Marienburg and a piper (a reference to WFRP1 supplement Marienburg: Dying of the Light ). They captured the piper and took him to their hideout.

Some charm, torture and interrogation revealed them a lot of important facts they needed. But the piper had no idea whether the skaven were about to strike the Ball or to participate into the ritual of Ordo Septenarius.

So we leaved the decision of which event the party would go to the next session.

And naturally they decided to split the party…

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