The Omens of War


This is complete list of the Omens of War campaign blogs. These logs were be posted at FFG’s forum but are also store here as some older posts on FFG’s forum are not always accessible.


The group consisted of four characters:

Barnabas Esker, the Rat-catcher

Joachim von Schwartznatter, the Apprentice Wizard (Shadow)

Nils Bärherz, Hunter

Synab Eichenfass, Boatman (ex-Peasant)


My players are positively paranoid about skaven. That is actually a good thing as I intend to run WFRP1 scenario “Shadow over Bögenhafen” as a “red herring” adventure for them. I would imagine this working quite good especially as one of my players is a veteran of the original adventure having played it over ten years ago.

The basic plot is this:

They’ve just arrived to Ubersreik in search of work after their home village was destroyed by skaven. I’ll start the whole thing with the Edge of Night (rumors, searching for patrons and whatnot). After a while they realize there’s no actually gain in any of the work that can be offered to them unless it’s unhealthy.  I will skip the Schaffenfest from SoB and introduce the secret temple in the sever to them via a job offer to clean the sewer gates (a quest hook from WFRP2 Career Compendium).

According to SoB there’s a guardian daemon at the temple in the sewers but I’ll change it so that there are giant rats “guarding” the door. Actually they just happen to be there but it gives the players the reason to suspect skaven. After that it’s mostly run straight from SoB (with altered names).

Gideon will be replaced with mr. Tavelli from Tilea (a name the characters already connect with the skaven). He’s up to no good and is trying to corrupt the Ordo Septenarius who are actually only trying to cast the ritual of “Handrich’s Gracious Blessing of Bountiful Commerce” (from WFRP2 Old World Companion). Ordo Spetenarius is actually trying to do good and improve the towns Silver Tier influence before the ball of Edge of Night. In SoB Gideon can change shape but this will be replaced with skaven agents if necessary.

Tavelli has no interest in foiling the ritual as he knows it’ll make the merchants more easily blackmailed and corrupted. There’s no “summoning of daemons and warp gates” only an actually good secret society. Tavelli is there just to raise suspicion in players and give them the feeling that they have to stop the ritual.

I’ve absolutely no idea how this will turn out but at least I think it should be a memorable WFRP adventure as two of my players have never played Warhammer before.

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