New WFRP Podcast Goes Live

Noelyuk from FFG’s forum informed the following:

“The show begins with The Enemy Within Revisited. The classic WFRP 1st edition campaign gets a revisit from our team using 3rd edition rules.
What started out as a personal wish to record our sessions has become a fully fledged podcast and I’m really excited about it and hope you are too.

You can find it in the itunes store here:…rs/id1067964927

This hobby of ours is a very fleeting transient thing so it’s great to be able to record our weekly antics for prosperity and awesome now to
be able to share our adventures with other Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fans and RPG fans in general.

And let’s face it there’s precious little else out there at the moment to satiate your WFRP hunger.

So go and subscribe to stay tuned to The Enemy Within Revisited!

You can find out more about the team at our website here:


Also: I’m still having some issues with the functionality of this site and cannot upload new files. I’ll try to get it fixed but my time is quite limited at the moment.

I’ve Mostly Been Hunting Dragons

I seriously doubt that anyone has been able to avoid the Thing called Skyrim. 
It is as time consuming as one might think. And when you are a stay-at-home dad like me you have very limited “free time” on your hands. Sadly this has meant that I have been neglecting Warhammer.
I would be lying to say that Skyrim is the only reason, but I am quite sure that nobody really needs to know all the reasons why somebody has been “away” from an internet community. It just happens.
Luckily last few days have been quite busy when it comes to Warhammer. 
Jackdays has released his marvelous Norsca guidebook and is even know working on it to bring WFRP3 players more bits and pieces so they could call the Frozen North their home. I also received a great amount of notes conserning the adventure I am writing for Liber Fanatica 9. I am sure they will force me (in a good way) to get back on writing for LF. The marvelous preview I got from our editor/artist god Jussi Alarauhio didn’t hurt much either.

The problem with the Reckless Dice Podcasts in iTunes has also been fixed so I finally managed to get the latest episodes (as I am too lazy to learn new ways when I can just bitch about the old ones beign better).

There just might be a little something extra brewing on my mind. Something eldritch… But I will have to get back on this when it is a bit more ready.
Aaaand as a final thought – here is someConcept art for Skyrim: Great way to introduce your players to Nordland and Norsca!

Reckless Dice Features Character Creation

I’m shamed to admit I missed these great tutorial of character making… And the first was published in January… Here they are anyway:

Feature 1 – Character Creation

Feature 2 – Character Creation

This kind of starter’s guide is always welcome as they are the best way to corrupt more cultists to the game of colorful dices.

Reckless Dice Podcast 4

I might be something of a slow awakener but I’ve only recently listened the previous podcasts and thought they were quite good. And certainly something that WFRP gamers should check out. The latest podcast was released today. Here’s the quick sum up:

– Site:
– iTunes:
– Email: RecklessDice (at) gmail [dot] com
– Twitter: @Recklessdice

The talents behind this are Rorschach Six and Giztman (from FFG’s forum).