Updating the Links

So a lot has happened in WFRP-land while I left this blog fallow. Most notably (more so that the appearance of WFRP 4e, for me personally) is the shutting down of the Strike-to-Stun forum. The announcement and tribute thread can still be found here. StS is what got me back into the hobby after many years away; A Bitter Harvest, which is now Zweihänder‘s intro scenario, was written for an StS competition, and it’s how I started to come to Wim/TobCon and met a whole bunch of awesome people who gave very, very good game.

The StS community has moved, in part at least, to the new Winds of Chaos forum. And that made me realise I should update a whole bunch of links here. There are way too many changes to list, but if there are any others I ought to know about and have missed, please mention them in the comments!

Note that I removed the adventures There’s Something About Marie and The Queen of Embers at their author’s request: they’re being published for Zweihänder, with the former already available as part of the new supplement Main Gauche.

Female Halfling Adventurer

Jon Hodgson

You might know the guy from doing the art for the One Ring rpg and several other products. Best artist in the scene currently (by my opinion). By far. If you are not following what he is doing, I guess you really are not that much into rpg art anyway.

Check out his deviantart (if for nothing else, then for the excellent pic for female halfling adventurer!)


Tumblr Activated

As I am quite busy Tumblr-user I decided to add another blog to my ever growing blog list. The newest addition is no other than The Daily Empire’s Tumblr that is dedicated to inspirational images for WFRP players.

I would like to point out that none of the images on the said blog are mine. I try to credit their makers when possible. No challenge to the original artist or the holder of the images rights is intended.

Against better knowledge I have also allowed other users to post to this blog. Hopefully we will create a great library of inspiration for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The permanent link for the blog is inserted in the navigation of this page.

Stuff of Geeky & Gory Nonsense

I am really lazy when it comes to blogs. I might bookmark them and then (after few months of “nah, let’s not go there”ing) I’ll just delete them.

But sometimes something simple and/or simply good comes along I begin to take interest. So let me point you towards to blogs that need to be mentioned as excellent source of inspiration for running WFRP (or other rpgs for that matter).

Stuff of Nonsense is gaming blog by a fellow liberfanatic. The writer of this either has too much time on her hands or the best games ever as she takes quite a lot of time to prepare for the games (something I personally tend not to do at all…). Lengthy posts seem to be kind of trade mark of hers but as she has interesting things to say I don’t mind this at all.

Another new finding for me was a picture “blog” called Geek and Gory. It not what you could call “friendly for children” but if you are just browsing through the web you can spend hours here just looking at his findings. Great art for gaming purposes is guaranteed.


I just noticed the Reckless Dice Podcast has changed their domain. Their new site can be found HERE.

Play-testers Needed & a New Character Sheet

Just when I thought I would have the time to concentrate to this blog I got sick. My wife got sick And my son got so sick that we had to teach him to sleep without pacifier (luckily I don’t mean Vin Diesel). It’s only a flue but still annoying…

Anyway I had a point to add this anyway!

The sequel to the Master of Shadows campaign that I co-wrote to Liber Fanatica 8 is finished. And this time around we are lucky to have enough time for play-testing.

So I’ll be needing (hopefully) at least two groups to run it before the end of the year. The GM is provided with the scenario and reference material needed but due to editing times needed they will not be as spectacular to look at as the final version of the coming LF9.

If you’d like to help the Liber Fanatica in this way.

In other news:

I added Nisses’s Character Sheet on the Downloads (and would like to add that he is the fastest proof-reader I’ve worked with). One other character sheet was sent to me also but that one got pulled back.

At Strike to Stun forums DagobahDave started on a fast NPC creator that is worth looking at even in this WIP state. And if you haven’t go now to the Magic the Gathering site to check out the superior art of the Innistrad block (find the pictures in the posts under “headlines”. It’s almost as good as the work of the Liber Fanatica artists.

A fellow gamer on Strike to Stun also pointed out some errors in my ancient Caradué-document. I’ll be fixing them when I find the time. For some reason I can’t find his/hers nick or real name anywhere. Thanks anyway!

I was also asked to write a review of a new eBook (The New  Death and others can be found HERE and I’d recommend you to give it a look. I bought it already.). I was intrigued to write it but I thought it is not what this site is about and currently I don’t have the time to write as good reviews I would like. So you just have to take my word on this “check it out”!

That’s that. Quite a lot of stuff. And without proper introductions. Oh well.