Ian Miller’s Grim Tarock

WFRP grognards like myself know how important the art was for drawing us into the world. One of those artists was Ian Miller, and he currently has a Kickstarter running for a tarot deck featuring his art, including some that was used in WFRP. The campaign has already achieved several stretch goals, including offering, as an add-on, an A5 signed print of ‘Farewell to the River’, the piece that was used as the cover to Death on the Reik.

The Kickstarter can be found here and ends on Tuesday, 26 November.

Female Halfling Adventurer

Jon Hodgson

You might know the guy from doing the art for the One Ring rpg and several other products. Best artist in the scene currently (by my opinion). By far. If you are not following what he is doing, I guess you really are not that much into rpg art anyway.

Check out his deviantart (if for nothing else, then for the excellent pic for female halfling adventurer!)


An Interview with Tony Ackland at Realm of Chaos

Realm of Chaos just published an interview with Tony Ackland an artist who is one of the most influential entities behind my vision of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Those more familiar with the current third edition (or even the second) might not recognize his visions but I would be damned if I would not share this link.

Tony Ackland had a perfect vision of how Old World looks like. It is pretty different from current line but it still means more to me than “let’s use this image from Fantasy Battle”-type illustrations.

Check it out here!

Malal Malal Be’Lakor!

I’ve Mostly Been Hunting Dragons

I seriously doubt that anyone has been able to avoid the Thing called Skyrim. 
It is as time consuming as one might think. And when you are a stay-at-home dad like me you have very limited “free time” on your hands. Sadly this has meant that I have been neglecting Warhammer.
I would be lying to say that Skyrim is the only reason, but I am quite sure that nobody really needs to know all the reasons why somebody has been “away” from an internet community. It just happens.
Luckily last few days have been quite busy when it comes to Warhammer. 
Jackdays has released his marvelous Norsca guidebook and is even know working on it to bring WFRP3 players more bits and pieces so they could call the Frozen North their home. I also received a great amount of notes conserning the adventure I am writing for Liber Fanatica 9. I am sure they will force me (in a good way) to get back on writing for LF. The marvelous preview I got from our editor/artist god Jussi Alarauhio didn’t hurt much either.

The problem with the Reckless Dice Podcasts in iTunes has also been fixed so I finally managed to get the latest episodes (as I am too lazy to learn new ways when I can just bitch about the old ones beign better).

There just might be a little something extra brewing on my mind. Something eldritch… But I will have to get back on this when it is a bit more ready.
Aaaand as a final thought – here is someConcept art for Skyrim: http://skyrimguild.com/concept-art/ Great way to introduce your players to Nordland and Norsca!

The Gathering

I tend to look for other games as a source of inspiration any time that something new comes along. “Could this be used? Still looks cool, how could I use this?”

With the new incoming set for Magic the Gathering I’ve no trouble of thinking about “how”.

The new set called Innistrad has magnificient art work that I simply as Warhammerish as it gets (maybe excluding Witcher concept art, but then again I’m a fanboy). All GMs should definitely take a look at the art. It is dark and grim setting of Transylvanian horror.


Check it now! HERE

Should you be looking for usable art the later settings of MtG are quite good too. They tend to be quite high fantasy, but with enough searching you can find almost anything.