The Episodes or “one-sheets” are a nice piece of adventure to be expanded and used as needed – an episode in one sheet that can be used as a small encounter, cameo, adventure or even an campaign.

One-sheets of Solstice Challenge 2015

The Ascension – DOWNLOAD as PDF

The PCs are in a coastal village when someone important disappears. This disappearance turns out to be a minor part of schemes far deeper and darker. (By: Emil Heide) Winner of the challenge.

Do Not Gaze Into the Abyss – DOWNLOAD as PDF

It is the time of Winter Solstice and there has been a mysterious plague of disappearances in the Suiddock district, situated right next to the main canal. People from all walks of life have been disappearing, from merchants to shop owners to Black Hats. No one knows what’s happening, but the amount of missing people is making the town magistrate worried. The Heroes are hired to find out what’s going on and quick, before even more people will disappear. (By: Xathrodox86)

The Hope (And Madness) Diamond – DOWNLOAD as PDF

The Characters are tasked with saving a young lady from herself and forestalling a war… …Without getting married themselves. (By: Ben Pfistner)

The Curtains – DOWNLOAD as PDF

On the dreadful night of Geheimnisnacht, when the Chaos moon rides high, it is unwise to be outdoors. In this case, the only available room in town is a mildewed old room with an ancient four poster bed, but the landlord is apologetic. The room has a very bad reputation, and several guests have either disappeared, or been found butchered or insane inside the locked room. The problem (which no one has apparently discovered) is the bed curtains. They were obtained from an unknown source, and crudely cut to size to fit the bed frame. (By: Hectorius)

Other One-sheets

Smugglers in the Sewers – DOWNLOAD as PDF

The Characters are wading through the sewers when they encounter a band of smugglers trying to open up a closed smuggler’s way. (By: doc_cthulhu)

The Festival – DOWNLOAD as PDF

The Characters are visiting a remote hamlet when they learn that the troll does not actually take the toll and that it not always wise to trust the folk tales. (By: doc_cthulhu)

The Well of Light  – DOWNLOAD as PDF

On a abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere is an remarkably old well shining a terrifying light. Searching the farmstead they find out that it has been some kind of monastery of knowledge and that all of its members have died because of the strange light. (By: doc_cthulhu)

The Curiosity of Men – DOWNLOAD as PDF

The party is drawn into problems when in a village they are visiting a strange box is found and the bailiff is found dead afterward. Has the local ruler something to do with the box or is it a cursed artifact stolen from the creatures of chaos. (By: doc_cthulhu)

Sweet Marrow – DOWNLOAD as PDF

Tired and in need of healing the party come upon a sign pointing down a little path, deeper into the forest. The sign shows a bed, fork and knife and a broken bone dripping with marrow. The town is called Sweet Marrow. The town doesn’t get many visitors and even fewer leave this friendly village. It’s the food. The inn makes a truly wonderful stew, with tender, sweet sauce and meat. (By: Gallows)

The Prisoner – DOWNLOAD as PDF / ODT

The PCs are asked to help release aman from prison. But who can they trust, andwho exactly is being held captive? (By: monkeylite)

Drunkard’s Rebellion – DOWNLOAD as PDF

An exceptional barley harvest has filled the bellies of eventhe poorest in the region, and thankful prayers to the naturegods Taal and Rhya have never been louder. An unexpectedconsequence of the bounty is the great abundance of lagersand ales flooding the taverns of the Empire. This scenariocan take place in nearly any town or city, and will give yourPCs ample opportunites to test their tolerances for alcohol. (By: DagobahDave)

The Arabyan Knight – DOWNLOAD as PDF

At a coaching inn, an Arabyan warrior ischallenging every male noble who will not turn backto a duel. He is the bastard son of the local baron,who rejects him out of shame & love for his wifebut won’t let the roadwardens intervene. (By: Ovid)

The Estalian Prisoner – DOWNLOAD as PDF

A distraught widow wants to pay her son’s ransom, but she is being duped. (By: Ovid)

The Flaming Dungeon of the Frog – DOWNLOAD as PDF

The party encounters a peaceful valley with mellow inhabitants and terrible curse. They must either free the people of the valley of it or judge them for their sins. (By: doc_cthulhu)

The Mystery of the Stolen Thunder – DOWNLOAD as PDF

After getting some name for themselves the party is hired to investigate the kidnapping a small but vicious dog owned by a noble lady. It seems that the vile skaven are behind this heinous act but it just might be that all is not as it seems…  (By: doc_cthulhu)

Disclaimer: I’m “pro-all editions” I would like to see one-sheets that are stripped from game data (necessary rolls, stat lines etc.) as I believe GMs can decide when needed.

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