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Games Workshop’s Intellectual Property Policy

On the one hand Games Workshop is obligated to protect its intellectual property and the future of the company from those who try to profit dishonestly from GW IP. On the other hand Games Workshop would like to grant a certain free space to the many fans of its products, so that they can realize their creativity, which can only be beneficial for the hobby.
Due to this conflict, Games Workshop has specified detailed guidelines for handling its intellectual property.
  • All uses of the intellectual property here are without license and are thereby a violation of copyright. However, it is unlikely that Games Workshop will complain of a copyright violation, as long as these guidelines are followed.
  • Pictures and photos of Games Workshop products may be used only in limited measure and only with correct copyright Disclaimer (see below). It is recommended that photos are of one’s own miniatures.
  • Games Workshop’s symbols and logos may not be altered in any way.
  • Games Workshop’s intellectual property may not be used in relation to any commercial activity.
  • Direct copies and/or scans of Games Workshop publications, images, or other materials are not permitted. This includes any Out-of-Production materials, web site materials, and White Dwarf articles. Your own materials are, however, permitted. (as long as you follow the other requirements of this policy).
  • You may not use Games Workshop’s intellectual property in relation to any third party products or third party intellectual property.
  • You may not use any of Games Workshop’s IP without appropriately crediting the IP and using the appropriate disclaimers in accordance with this policy (see below).
  • You may not create, distribute, or use any material that is not consistent with the functionality, atmosphere, and parameters of the Warhammer universe as created and owned by Games Workshop.
  • Any content created using Games Workshop’s intellectual property may not be declared “official.”
  • You may not create, distribute, or use any material that is derogatory, obscene, or offensive, or that devalues any Games Workshop product in any way.


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