Knock on the Door

Last night was the lamest session of our campaign. Everybody was feeling quite tired but we managed to go with the flow anyway as getting the group together is always a BIG hassle.

Joachim and Barnabas woke up at the morning after the death of Synab when the was a knock on the door. It turned out to be two men with a boy (There was a guest player around playing a one of the city watchman who was there when the Butcher was killed and Synab’s player introduced his new character, Hjalmar Bächer, a seventeen year old graverobber with a seven year old apprentice).

I tried to explain to the players why they were there and why it would be a good thing to invite them in. But you know how the players are. After a serious interrogation all of the new faces were embraced and event though the watchman had a Bretonnian accent and was asking the PCs to “investigate something in the mountains” they considered him to be a good guy – because he was a PC…

Naturally I had written the background for the watchmen and had told his player that his character was actually a Bretonnian spy trying to work out what was happening in Ubersreik before his master could turn up to the Ball held be von Holzenauer.

So after they had all introduced themselves they (naturally) decided to drop all the leads from previous sessions and follow one of the new guys to the cemetary as he (the graverobber) had told them that he had seen a “ratlike figure” there.

Of they went then! A city watchman with a suspected criminal (the rat catcher), extremely weird guy who just “happened to know things about Mórr’s Garden” and a shadowmancer… dressed as a priest of Mórr. They all realized that it was an absurd thing to do but came into a conclusion that as nobody else believed in skaven they could do nothing else than investigate.

They snuck into the Garden through a hidden hole in the wall and found out that skaven had actually been there, stealing the corpses of last winter’s plague victims. They tracked the skaven to a crypt where they found a tunnel possibly leading the Under-Ubersreik. There was a distinctive smell of “Musk of Fear” in the crypt and it was enough for the party. They left the place and left the door to the crypt open so that the workers of the Garden could seal up the tunnel.

Returning to their hideout the Party met an errant send by von Holzenauer who requested to meet with the “Torch of Tilea” (as Barnabas had introduced his “posse”). After wondering why everybody just seemed suddenly to know where they were hiding there was another knock on the door and a request for a meeting with von Saponatheim was delivered. Aschaffenberg’s didn’t know anything about the group – their interest track having moved only one step.

While Joachim, Barnabas and Hjamlar (who had just assumed that he could “crash in” and had fallen asleep on Synab’s bed…) were sleeping the watchmen went to report Hjalmar as a grave robber.

Next morning the party decided to visit both nobles and went to see von Holzenauer first. All of the other went straight in but Hjalmar wanted to sneak around and get to know the places… Having already ran a “rescue a stupid player from the Tower”-session I just declared that Hjalmar was arrested, thrown into jail and by spending all of his fortune points got away somehow.

The dinner at von Holzenauer was over before it started as Barnabas decided to rant about skaven and their menace almost immediately. Baron decided that he could use the group to guard the sewers during the ball and sent them off.

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