The End Times Campaign

Foreword – Even though we’re playing a house-brew campaign I will be including and discussing official products also. This means that this blog WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS though I try to keep them at minimum. Should any of my players wander here I would recommend them to avert their eyes from this as read this will certainly ruin the game from them/YOU!

The End Times Campaign is our currently running home-brew campaign planed in three parts (or seasons as I like to call them). We have just finished the first season and are moving to the next with quite an interesting “all players changing characters” turn out. The events are still linked but the players will see their results from a different view.

The Omens of War

Season 1

This had nothing to do with the FFG supplement as it was named even before the announcement of the Khorne-box. What started out as a sand-box/”let’s try to start TEW” effort transformed into a plot-driven eight sessions of Edge of Night.

Being the first campaign with this group it was kind of try-out anyway but fun anyways. Playing through it took eight sessions from which two were a bit longer. The characters thus gained around 10 exp. each during the Omens of War.

More about the campaign HERE.

The Winter of Warlords

Season 2

The Winter of Warlords is a campaign that will take the characters to the Grey Mountains and further in the middle of Brettonia-Empire war. During the half year that follow the previous campaign that ended with von Saponatheim becoming the leader of Ubersreik skaven have taken over Talabheim (giving me a chance to run TiT some day) and caused the Empire to fall into a outright war.

I should add that Storm of Chaos happened in our Old World a little over two years ago and the End Times are certainly here.

More about the campaign HERE

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