Why the Silence?

I’ve been neglecting this blog for some time now.

I should have added that I recieved a new character sheet (still WIP) and that RDP discussed about GMing WFPR from a beginner’s point-of-view (by the way it is HERE). I should also have already published the collected posts for Starting WFRP but they are still only saved as a draft…

BUT! At least I’ve a good reason of this kind of delayed action. I’ve been working my ass of for the next issue of Liber Fanatica. Can’t say much of it yet but hopefully we’ll be able to publish it before the holidays.

I’ll try to find some time to post updates but the sequel to Wanted has to be prepared first.

At the mean time… Game on!

Interview of Sean Connors on RDP & New tutorial videos

Latest Reckless Dice Podcast is the interview with the Lead Developer of Liber Fanatica 8, Sean Connors. Hear out what he is saying and remember to give feedback. We need it for numerous reasons.

Direct Link

New videos from Bloody Sun Boy have been uploaded to YouTube. As always these are of excellent tutorials for beginners. They will quite likely make things much clearer for those who have been gaming for a while.

Here you go: