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The Vision of Chaos – Download …for PC

Vision of Chaos is a small but handy tool for WFRP GM’s to fastly create NPCs for player characters to encounter. NOTE: even though it works well enough already this program is still under development.

The Village of Caradué – Download PDF

The Village of Caradué is a small settlement at the border of Couronne and L’Anguille in Bretonnia. This booklet describes this small community ruled by tyrannous Lord Marquis de’Caradué in way that it can be used in any game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. (Meaning no stats included)

The Cult of the Possessed
– Download PDF

CotP presents a renegade cult of Chaos very different from those seen in current line of products resurrecting an old god of Chaos called Malal. It deals with how the cult is perceived by servants of Sigmar and by the cultists themselves and gives you ideas how to fight Chaos with Chaos.

Hosted files:

Hosted files include WFRP fan-material that was not written by me. Credits to original authors are given.

Provincial Features of the Empire – Download PDF

All provinces of the Empire presented in an easy-to-use sheet for reference.
(By: Mal Reynolds)

Forbidden Blades – Download PDF

“Being a Short Treatise on the Cursed Swords of the Rawenfeuer Family.” (By: Sami Uusitalo)

Ice King of Kislev – Download PDF 

“This article presents the Ice King’s venture and details how you can use him in your games.”  (By: Sami Uusitalo)



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