Creature of the Folk Lore

“Have you heard the story about the Beast of Bögen, stranger?”

About a year ago while writing for the Hand of Glory-scenario for Liber Fanatica 9 I contacted Sami Uusitalo for a little help. Originally he wrote a small addition to the story. But it did not take long for this addition to take a life of its own.

The Five Truths About the Beast of Bögen is a different kind of scenario. I wont go into details as they would certainly spoil the story but I do recommend GMs out there to run it. It works with almost any campaign of WFRP and really is a great addition.

The file has been updated in the Downloads section of WFRP2.

You may also directly download it HERE as a pdf.

The adventure has stats for WFRP2 only but if someone has the opportunity to make a conversion for WFRP3 I would like to host it here also (Sami Uusitalo actually asked me to do the stats so I imagine he has nothing against someone else doing them).

***Minor Spoiler warning for Hand of Glory!***

As for the Hand of Glory – you can actually still spot where this piece was going to be added. There is a minor error in the edit of LF9 on page 73. Act 2, Encounter 1 lists two possible outcomes 2a and 2b. Only one is given though and the 2b-option is put into a small box. I would however like to encourage GMs to use Five Truths About the Beast of Bögen in this Act. Episode 3 is good for it anyway.

***End of spoilers*** 

Site Statistics

While being sick put my creative time to halt I found myself browsing the statistics of the Daily Empire today. I was quite impressed to notice that “daily empire” had been searched for over 500 times in the passing year. Given that I’ve been trying to give out the link whenever possible that is quite a substantial number of searches. Thanks for that!

I was also intrigued by the fact that after “daily empire” and all its variations what was most common term to find this site was “warhammer steampunk” (and its variations). I’ve posted only one post about this kind of thing. At least if my memory serves me.

I would have thought that the one-sheets or The Cult of the Possessed would have got more hits but looks like you want your blackpowder and flying hot-air balloons with a little pinch of  mechanical horses and steamengines! Now personally I’m not a big fan of the whole steampunk genre but I must admit I’ve used it in our games too.

As for what pages have been visited since the Daily Empire was opened other than the main page (9,671 hits!) one-sheets, adventure seeds and the Cult come in with flying colors. It is a bit funny though that even though this site is supposed to be an “inspirational site” and was started to host the list for warhammerish movies these pages have fever hits than the steampunk post.

All in all I guess you want a little more steampunk right? Then I suggest you to give comments or send me mail as I’ll begin the work on the finale of the Master of Shadows-campaign at January 2013.

LFIX – Perils of the Empire Released!

Now it is here!

I know I’ve been promising it for half a year but if you just go to Liber Fanatica you will notice that it really is HERE.

Ninth issue of Liber Fanatica is massive tome of adventures. It includes adventures is Mordheim, second part of the Master of Shadows campaign (written buy yours truly) and a load of smaller scenarios (some of which form even a small campaign).

In addition to adventures this issue also gives ideas and advises of who to deal with problematic players (and GMs).

You might notice that this huge beast is only the first part of the IX issue. Hopefully will finish of the second part in time and can begin to work with the 10th issue.

But for now enjoy the Perils of the Empire and do not forget to give us feedback on the whole thing in any way you see fit.


Liber Fanatica 9 is almost here

Because it is customary Liber Fanatica has been facing some major problems from various sources. Currently it seems most likely that this massive tome will be published in two parts (and later as one) to allow gamers to get their hand on it as soon as possible.

In fact we are so close to publishing this beast that we are willing to present you a preview article from it. It is Rae Russell‘s article of how to bring problem players back to Sigmar. It includes hands-on advice and ideas to be used in any game.

It should be noted though that this really is only a preview file so some formating will be done later on. And naturally the other articles referenced in this piece will not be available currently (though they give you a nice sneak peek of what is to come!)


If you have any comments on how the article is presented this is your chance to have some influence on the final product.