Something Rotten in Ubersreik

After the characters have taken residence in Red Moon Inn they try to make their living with honest jobs. As the city is still suffering from last winters plague jobs are not that hard to find. Quickly the characters noticed that there is something rotten in Ubersreik as there were various rumors about ratmen and their vile kin.

Barnabas (who is obsessed about Tileans and their fight against the skaven) leads his young “apprentices” on the trail of the skaven. They visit Borgan Foambeard and after some serious ale drinking manage to convince him that they are formidable allies.

After they return to the Inn Noseless Brandt advances Synab and hires him to clean up a blockage in the sewer.

This is where the paranoia kicked in. Brandt really was there only to hire help. But the characters naturally assumed him to be an agent of Skaven. With a cunning plan Synab hired another boatman to clean up the sewer and when the party found him with a crossbow bolt in his back they were sure that Brandt was out to get them.

Actually the blockage had prevented some smugglers of entering the city and as the unlucky boatman turned up the smugglers shot him trying to keep him from discovering their hideout in the sewers. Characters made their own way through the filth and found two giant rats clawing a secret door. Behind that door was storage where the smugglers had hidden their cache of Bretonnian goods and some warpstone.

The body of the boatman caused a lot of trouble for the characters as they were worried he might rise up as a zombie… So they alerted the guards. And when they were suspected Synab killed the two guards with his bare hands in plain sight of other guards (on the wall). Thus was the Slaughterer of Ubersreik born and the second session ended…

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