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The End Times

The current campaign is was started at the spring of 2011. The main themes for it are pretty much Cthulhu Mythos (without actual links to Mythos at least not yet). There is a lot of investigation, desperation, corruption and all kinds of other “…tions” and then there’s the ending of the Old World.

From the ashes of Halheim rose a couple of unlikely heroes who traveled to Ubersreik to witness its corruption in the hands of men turn to chaos. Omens of utter destruction have been seen and the rumors from Bretonnia whisper that the land of the Grail is being torn apart in a bloody civil war…

More of the End Times HERE.

The Carnival in Chaos

In the Shadows of Drakwald

Homemade campaign called “Carnival in Chaos vol.1 – Shadows of Drakwald” was played during 2010.

It tells the tale of Ulfred Hahn’s Carnival and it members who travel to regions of Middenheim just prior the infamous Storm of Chaos only to be devoured by it.

The Carnival in Chaos is currently frozen but more info about it can be found HERE.

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