Adventure Seeds

The Engineer of Death
Characters meet an engineer of high status heading to a restless region. He tells that he’s going there to rally the troops and show them how to defeat their enemy. The character pick up that something isn’t right with this guy but can’t put their finger on it. As they reach the region where the fighting is thickest they witness a miracle when dead comrades rise to fight to vanquish the enemy. The engineer is seen at the edge of the battle with a strange device. Is he merely an engineer or perhaps a witty necromancer. And what is he actually up to?

The Awakened
While looting a secret warehouse of smugglers the characters find coffins with drugged people in them. And not just any people but mutants from all around the Old World. Where were the smugglers smuggling them? And what was their purpose. And what will the characters do when the mutants suddenly wake up wondering where they’re and what has happened to them?

There’s No Such Thing as an Honest Adventurer
Local ruler is in a bad place. He hired a group of adventurers to drive off the outlaws living in a nearby forest. They took the job but they also took an item they found from a forgotten shrine in the forest. An item that was the only thing keeping an ancient beast in torpor. Will the characters simply kill the adventurers and take the (valuable) item to the shrine or will they keep it for themselves and let the beast roam?

Hospice of the Poor
There’s an old abandoned house at the edge of the town that has been made a hospice by a woman from Norsca. She only treats those that have no money and no place else to turn. The wealthier members of the community despise the hospice and would like to see it gone. Will the adventurers help a local merchant to frame the woman as a chaos worshipper or should they try to help her as there seems to be a hidden cult hiding below the hospice…

A Champion of an Ancient Evil
As the character travel to whatever destination their way is blocked at the evening t by a fierce warrior in dark armor. He challenges the character to a duel as his master has set him to turn the characters away from his tail. Who is this master and why does he think the characters are after him. And can the characters defeat his champion challenging them as he turns out to be a thrall of a Blood Dragon.

Precious Sausages from the Kitchen of Middenheim
While traveling through a small village in Middenland the characters are asked by a priest of Morr to take a locked coffin to the high priest of Morr in Middenheim. What’s inside the coffin that seems to wake up and howl every night. And why do people with disturbingly sharp teeth seem keen on finding a book called “Precious Sausages from the Kitchen of Middenheim”…

Doomed One
While the Mórrslieb lurks over the city of Ubersreik a strange figure whose face is painted black and white sits by the side of a fountain. Officially he’s considered to be a lunatic or a religious fanatic (most likely both) but his words and prayers are quite disturbing. He keeps on repeating a mysterious mantra while his eyes are fixed to the moon. “Malal Malal Be’lakor…”

The Tower of Eels
The Reik Eel are a vicious kind of water creatures notorious by their sharp teeth and angry mood. Hunters and men of the Reik tend to warn others about these flesh-eaters with a simple symbol painted or carved near the place where the eels are known to live. But when the characters are seeking a refugee from the raging storm and happen to stumble upon an old guard tower why does it seem to be abandoned with the same symbol painted on its door?

False Leads
While travelling at the Grey Mountains the characters see black smoke rising in the horizon. It turn out to be a village ransacked by the ratmen who are still at the size with an enormous rat orge. The rat ogre has four hooves and it is lead around the village while a giggling skaven engineer keeps planting other evidence that places the fault of the destruction on Bretonnian border patrols.

Peculiar Lights
There has been rumors of strange lights at the coast of Nordland. Some claim them to be false beacons and others whisper of darker things. No matter the source the lights have lured many sailors to unsafe waters to their doom.

Cruel Revival
A strange graverobber plagues the city’s graveyard. Every night a corpse from a certain well-kept part of the Garden has been stolen for over a week now. The gravewardens are frustrated as they have no clue of how this fiend does his morbid crimes. Or why exactly does he do them as the corpses are returned to their graves the night after they have been stolen. And seemingly in the same condition as before.

Benediction of the Moons
While sleeping at a river-side or in a river boat the characters are woken by a sudden splash of water. There is an ominous green glow in the water – small but still distinct. It looks like a tiny star shining in the water that is suddenly being engulfed by an big salmon. When the characters continue their journey to upper reaches of the river they come into a small village. And by the light of the moons that night a strange fishy beastman crawls out of the waters…

Fear and Loathing in Grey Mountains
There are two giants causing havoc at the foothills of Grey Mountain near Stromdorf. They seem to be having the time of their life throwing rocks at sheep and eating every kind of mushroom they can find. It seems they are on their way towards more civilized lands (as the mountains are bat country anyways) and could cause some serious damage if a small group of adventurers do not get the cart full of Thunderwater Ale through the lands of Crooked Nose night goblins to them.

Feast or Famine
Once again the characters arrive to a small community in the middle of a festival. It could be a coaching inn, castle, hamlet or what ever but what the characters will immediately notice is an old, large cauldron from which the member of the community are eating a delicious stew. The characters are offered a meal and will go to sleep with filled stomachs. When they wake up at the morning they notice that the festivities are still going on and the cauldron of stew is once again full. Maybe the characters take notice right away or return to village at some later time but the feasting is still going on. It almost seems like the members of the community are afraid of stopping the eating of the stew…

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  1. Tasty stuff, bit of a typo in last one “sausades”, the Awakened and the Precious Sausages are particularly good.

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