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Creatures by Slaughter Margin – Download as PDF

This is a fan material document made for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition (WFRP2). It lists all WFRP2 creatures by slaughter margin, provided that they have a slaughter margin and are from books published by Black Industries or Fantasy Flight Games.
Slaughter margin is a system introduced in Old World Bestiary. It is used to track combat difficulty.

(By: Emil Heide)

Heralds of Woe – Download as PDF

The College of Heralds in Altdorf requires some temporary help to sort out some disputed property cases. The players, possibly late first/early second careers, are offered a short term contract as temporary Heralds, to investigate who actually owns some valuable estates in Talabecland.

However, all is not quite as easy as it appears-the bickering candidates are powerful, corrupt and ambitious individuals, and range from organised criminals to powerful wizards, and fanatic members of the Church. Bribery, corruption, street violence and a vicious animated compost heap will all be encountered on the streets of Altdorf.

(By: Steve O’realy)

The Legacy of Tibor Brochi – Download as PDF

The adventurers will travel from the south of the Empire to the city of Middenheim, while also trying to avoid the misfortunes on the road, some sinister Tileans and the death cultists who have all decided that the party and the old painting that they are guarding are the key to finding out exactly how the long dead astrologer Tibor Brochi has managed to involve them in his affairs-five hundred years after he died.

(By: Steve O’realy)

The Theatre of the Damned – Download as PDF

“Theatre of the Damned is a short scenario best suited for characters in their first or second careers, but it can be easily modified to suit any group. It takes a day of PCs time and can be finished in one session. The scenario is placed in Nuln but with very minor modifications any larger Imperial, or Bretonnian, town could be used.”

(By: Matti Kekki, Simo Savolainen & Sami Uusitalo)

Five Truths About the Beast of Bögen – Download as PDF

“Five Truths about the Beast of Bögen is suitable for characters of any experience level. As adventurers are wont to travel quite a bit, a colorful distraction is called for every now and then, and Five Truths about the Beast of Bögen can be used to make an otherwise uneventful trip unforgettable. During the events of the scenario the PCs hear four different stories about the Beast before coming face to face with the mythical monster themselves and realizing that all lies contain at least a grain of truth.”

(By: Sami Uusitalo)

A Bitter Harvest – Download as PDF
Note: An updated version of this adventure is included in the Zweihänder core rulebook. This is the old, unrevised WFRP 2e version.

A Bitter Harvest is set in a hilly, rural area and is designed for a party of 3-6 adventurers in their second careers, requiring at most four sessions to complete. Social, stealth and wilderness skills are key, with the importance of combat depending on the PCs’ choices. The hook has the PCs being hired as neutral third parties in a business dispute, but they soon face a bigger danger threatening an isolated village. The scenario contains adult themes.

(By: Ovid)


There Are No Such Things As Skaven – Download as a PDF

TaNSTaS_coverThere are no Such Things as Skaven… is a short adventure best suited for characters in their first or second careers, but it can be easily modified to suit any group. The structure of the scenario is loose, directed more by character actions than by events. The adventure is set in a small town near Nuln, but with minor modifications any Imperial town could be used. This adventure best lends itself as the PCs’ first real encounter with the mythical Ratmen known as Skaven. But it works just as well with a party that already knows the Skaven are more than just a subspecies of Beastmen or bedtime stories told to children. The mood of this adventure is one of hidden threat and mounting tension.

(By: Sami Uusitalo)

Blasphemous Cults, vol.1 – The Order of the Feathered Lord – Download as PDF

BlashpemousCultsvol1_coverThis document introduces a new an well-thought cult for heroes to compete against. I personally used this as the backbone of a major campaign set on the waterways of the Empire. The first part of this document is written as by a Witch Hunter and can thus be given to players as a hand out if need arises.

(By: Sami Uusitalo)

The Sweetest Kiss – Download as PDF

The party has been captured by villagers to be sacrificed to the gods of the woods. How do they escape the forgotten temple and will they put an end to forbidden rituals and heinous blasphemy?

 (By: Lauri Maijala)

L’Ind / La Religion Indi / Le Réveil de la Déesse – DOWNLOAD AS PDF

Brief articles on the Kingdoms of Ind, their religion and a short adventure from the French roleplaying magazine Casus Belli, vol. 2, nos. 33-34.

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