Organizations of the Old World

“Here is a list of canon organizations to have made print in WFRP2 as well as their relevant 2e careers.”

Jay Hafner, the list’s builder

Hunter Organizations
Agent of the Witch-Finder-General – CC230
Agent of Fellowship of the Shroud – NDM14,96,CC8 (Morr)
Andanti Vampire Hunter – NDM15
Cloaked Brother Chaos Hunter – ToC126,CC51
Dreamwalkers of Morr, Vampire Hunters– SoE28
Ordo Fidelis Witch Hunters (Sigmar)– AoM, ToC123+
Sigmarite Exorcists – ToC126
Tsaravich Pavel Society Vampire Hunters – NDM14

Imperial Organizations of Note
Apothcry Apothecary’s Guild – CC:14
Agitator Glorious Revolution of the People – SoE
Artisan Artisan’s Guilds – CC:18
Astrologer Order of Acillius Stargazer – CC:21
Boatsmen Boatsmen’s League of Tlabheim – TiT:10
Bodyguard House of Haessler – CC:31
Cadet Diesdorf Military College – CC:37
Coachman Coaching Houses – CC:52
Coachmen Coachmen of Middenheim – AoM:22,28
Dillettante Bernloch Academy – CC:60
Embalmer Resurrection Men – CC64
Engineer Dwarfen Engineers Guild, Middenheim – AoM:25
Engineer Imperial School of Engineers – CC:66
Entertner Imperial Circuit – CC:67
Exciseman Publican Union of Talabheim – CC:71
Explorer League of Merchant Adventurers – CC:66
Fence Tagranden Merchant Consortium – CC76
Ferryman Sons of the River – CC:77
Ferryman Otto’s Flats Ferrymen – CC:77
Fieldwrdn Border Patrol of the Moot – CC:78
Foreman Stevedore’s Guild – CC:81
Friar Friars of St. Olga – CC:84
Halfling The Commision (for demihuman Interests) – AoM:17
Hedge Wizards Cunning Folk, Hedgefolk – SOE:55>
Merchnt Crafter, Bulder, Commerce, Labour Guilds – CC:94
Hrnd Hntr Taals Chosen, – TiT:9, CC:105
Litigant Worshipful Guild of Legalists – AoM:18
Mast.Vig Master Vigilant (PI for Magic Colleges) – NDM:99, CC:138
Marine Imperial Navy – SoE
Merchant Brothers of Handrich (Business Cult) – SoE:16
Messenger Imperial Messengers Guild – CC:144
Militiamn Town Militia of Schweinfeld – CC:145
Minstrel Minsterl School of Nuln – CC:147
Minstrel Royal College of Music in Middenheim – AoM:21
Navagator Imperial Graphic Society – CC:151
Navagator Navagator’s Club – CC:151
Navagator Guild of Explorers – CC:151
News The Veracitor – CC:152
Outlaw Outlaw Band of Heinz Gerber – CC:156
Outrider The Satchel Boys – CC:158
Physician Physician’s Guild – CC:162
Physician Middenheim Guild of Physicians – AoM:17
Pistolier Pistol Korps – CC:164
Pit Ftr The Secret Guild – CC:165
Racketeer Karkhazof League – CC:171
Raconteur Liars Guild – CC:172
Roadwardens – SoE, ToC:128, CC:177
Riverwarden Imperial River Patrol – ToC:128
Scholar Travelling School – CC:181
Scholar Collegium Thelogicia, Ulric, Middenheim – AoM:34
Scribe Faithful Brotherhood of Scribes – CC:184
Sewer jack Fauschlag Delvers – CC:190
Slaver Dragon Fleet of Valbrand Fireblade – CC:194
Soldier Imperial Military /Reiksguard /Imperial Guard – SH
Soldier Nuln Imperial Gunnery School – FoN
Stevedore Altdorf Dockers & Gangs – SoE
Thug The Deadfish Gang of Nuln – CC:210
Tradesmn Bowyers’ Fraternity – CC:213
Tradesmn Trusted Brotherhood of Brewers – CC:213
Tradesmn Pussiant Fellowship of Skilled Cartographers – CC:213
Valet August League – CC:216
Ver.Inv Verenean Investigator (PI for Religions) – SH:124, CC:218
Warlock Hartshorn Lodge – CC:223
Wizard Guild of Wizards & Alchemists in Middenheim – AoM:22
Wizard Light Order-Light – RoS
Wizard Celestial Order-Heavens – RoS
Wizard Gold Order- Metal/Alchemy – RoS
Wizard Jade Order -Life – RoS
Wizard Amber Order-Beasts – RoS
Wizard Bright Order-Fire – RoS
Wizard Grey Order-Shadows and Illusions – RoS
Wizard Amethyst Order-Death – RoS
Zealot Brotherhood of St. Soeren of the Sword – CC:235
Zealot Wolf Kin, Zealots of Ulric – AoM:9

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