Interlude: The Copper Boar

To help one of the characters back on the track of what was going on in the campaign I ran an hour long one-to-one session for one of the players who had been missing for a couple of sessions. He played the hunter Nils and had been a bit bored to his characters so I wrote a small knightly chapter for him to try to join into.

Nils had been out of Ubersreik for a couple of days. He had been thinking about the mystical “tower of eels” and the Order of the Raging Boar that had once ruled it. So Nils decided to hunt down a huge boar called Bragg that had been terrorizing the locals. He did manage to track down the beast with his friend but quickly they noticed that the boar’s hide had mutated into copper! Bragg the Copper Boar mutilated Nils’s friend and drove the hunter off.

While fleeing from the monstrosity (that started out as a simple boar to whom I drew a mutation card and turned into a reoccuring monster) he stumbled upon another village that was just raided by the skaven. From his hideout Nils spied the Skaven Engineer that had burned and enslaved his village to wreck havoc. After the skaven had left Nils searched for survivors but when he couldn’t find any he returned to Ubersreik to tell his friends about their Nemesis and to learn that his good friend had been killed in combat.

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