The Winter of Warlords


This is an on-going list as long as we keep on playing this campaign. These logs will be posted at FFG’s forum but I’ll also store them here as some older posts on FFG’s forum are not always accessible.


This campaign is actually a direct continuation of The Omens of War – you could call it season 2. All players wanted to create new characters though as they are now more familiar with the system. And I had no reason to tell them not to.

We followed the normal character generation rules from core set but I also included character background from Savage World Fantasy Companion and Expanded Character Module byDave Graffam for WFRP2. This allowed us to add some more randomization to the characters and enhance their background. We have such a mixed group of people that I did not trust them to write the backgrounds from the start.

Another thing that I added was giving the characters “Veteran of the Old World-edge” in style of Deadlands. This meant that they gained 10exp. to start with (and later I added that they all would have just moved to their second career no matter the exp. cost). This was not free however as I made them all to draw a card from the “weird past”-table of the Wasted West.

I like to mix things up and try different things while gaming and at least from the players’s point of view I struck gold as they were all more than exited to start gaming with characters who had all something mysterious in their past.


The group consists of five characters that were all created with a style described above. Players had the chance to choose their starting careers and to progress them so that they are now on the beginning of their second career.

“The Sergeant” (still lacking a name) – He had the most interesting background. Stolen by beastmen when he was a young boy he spent a little time in proximity of Dhar that tainted him so that he cannot enter a sacred ground. He was rescued by a knight that took him as his squire and later made him a vital member of his war party. As the character Party was put together he was chosen to lead it.

Kurt von Fleischer, the Pistolier (ex-coachman) – As a cousin of a witch hunter NPC from our previous games he is a devote Sigmarite that cannot sustain himself without eating raw meat… He is myopic and very Judgemental on his actions. Excellent marksman with his two poor quality pistols.

Sayr Zapfen, Gambler (ex-entertainer) – Blessed with an enchanting voice this bard decided to join the party with his winning smile to give it the much needed social edge. And to get away from his eight children.

Wilhelm, Assassin (ex-thief) – Wilhelm is so conspicuous that no-one would ever dream of him being an assassin. It is hard to forget tall and muscular man covered with red hair and ridiculous amount of jewelry. His player draw the shortest straw when coming up with his mysterious past. At the beginning of each session I will draw a card from a regular gaming deck. If it is a joker he dies during that session.

Rothirsch von Saponatheim, Duelist (ex-soldier) – a cousin of the new ruler of Ubersreik Rothirsch has always just wanted to create name for himself with his sword. He even dueled against a stone troll once and won.


The Winter of Warlords is a campaign that will take the characters to the Grey Mountains and further in the middle of Brettonia-Empire war. During the half year that follow the previous campaign that ended with von Saponatheim becoming the leader of Ubersreik skaven have taken over Talabheim (giving me a chance to run TiT some day) and caused the Empire to fall into a outright war. I should add that Storm of Chaos happened in our Old World a little over two years ago and the End Times are certainly here.

The main idea behind the campaign is the Fall of the Cult of the Lady of the Lake (I just love English and “of the”s) that created a void of belief. What this means that in the borders of Bretonnia (and certainly in Bretonnia too) believing in something will quite possibly make it happen. I told all players to come up with minor household gods, patron saints etc. but did not tell them why. But during the campaign they have the chance to “give birth” to these new gods. Or they actually might even become gods themselves. Should they force enough people to believe them.

So this will most certainly NOT be a regular Warhammer campaign. Which is ok as this “season” (about ten sessions) will be the penultimate campaign the next ending in the destruction or salvation of the Old World…

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