The Monastery of Rotstier

The “all-or-nothing”-kind of PC, Synab, was bitten by the zombie in the merchants house. Naturally the whole party was afraid of zombie infection… And as Mórrslieb kept them from healing they decided to contact a priestess of Shallya. The temple was full but a novice hinted them that they should travel to Rotstier Monastery in Buchedorf and so the party rented a raft and arrived to Buchedorf the same day and the PCs were taken in to heal their wound, diseases and insanities.

As a kind reward for the Shallyans the party gathered rumors and were soon aware that certain mr. Brauninger whose house they had just broke into was also committed to the care of the Shallyans.

Failing to gain an audience with mr. Brauninger (who, they learned, was quite insane) Nils and …yes… Synab devised a plan to climb the outer wall to the room of mr. Brauninger.

After the nightfall the two burglars set into their mission and after much sneaking and failing managed to find mr. Brauninger babbling on his bed. His whole room was covered with writing and mr. Brauninger was weeping for he could not read them anymore. Brauninger had been in his house when the smugglers attacked it suspecting that he had failed their agreement about the use of his basement. Brauninger escaped but without his glasses and was driven insane by the lack of that artifact.

Nils and Synab kidnapped the merchant and Synab carried him into the forest where he was met by other members of the party woken by NIls. Synab explained that he had used the glasses to read the writings on the wall of Brauninger’s cell and even though it had nearly costed him his mind he had gained a lot of information about certain Ordo Septenarius and their plans of performing some kind of ritual at the heart of Ubersreik.

While trying to interrogate mr. Brauninger a band of mutants were lured to their fire and the frightful party escaped the horrible beasts and let Brauninger to be mauled by the creatures.

As the morning broke the PCs were lost in the woods and Synab had a strange itch on the back of his head…

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