Interview of Sean Connors on RDP & New tutorial videos

Latest Reckless Dice Podcast is the interview with the Lead Developer of Liber Fanatica 8, Sean Connors. Hear out what he is saying and remember to give feedback. We need it for numerous reasons.

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New videos from Bloody Sun Boy have been uploaded to YouTube. As always these are of excellent tutorials for beginners. They will quite likely make things much clearer for those who have been gaming for a while.

Here you go:



Reckless Dice Features Character Creation

I’m shamed to admit I missed these great tutorial of character making… And the first was published in January… Here they are anyway:

Feature 1 – Character Creation

Feature 2 – Character Creation

This kind of starter’s guide is always welcome as they are the best way to corrupt more cultists to the game of colorful dices.

New tutorials on YouTube

Bloody Sun Boy (aka. Webhead123 on YouTube) has made a great combat tutorial for WFRP3!

And then there’s the introduction to Warhammer Setting in two parts:

Be sure to check his channel at YouTube as he has quite a lot good videos about role-playing in general. He also told me that there should be other WFRP3 material coming too.