New Adventure for WFRP 1e: The Sins of Our Fathers

Luke Ó Scolaidhe has generously allowed us to host his substantial WFRP 1e scenario, The Sins of Our Fathers here. It’s great to see 1e still being catered to: it has a vibe all of its own. This adventure picks up a thread from the river encounters in Death on the Reik and leads the PCs into a murder investigation full of darkness and paranoia in which old secrets return to haunt a village on the Empire/Wasteland border. And, true to 1e tradition, there are spoilers ‘hidden’ in the German of NPCs’ names!

Here’s the link: Sins of Our Fathers

The Snail Man Cometh

Edit: Naturally forgot the correct link… Here it is: The Snail Man (final)

It seems like we are in for another treat by Sami Uusitalo. Just last month I was proud to host his huge adventure The Queen of Embers and now he sent in another supplement!

Sami has this to say about the new supplement:

Here is a short supplement for Warhammer Fantasy RPG written as an in-game document (and could be used as such). The supplement aims to inspire the GM by introducing several different theories about a mysterious NPC called the Snail Man that can be used either as a villain or an ally – or just a curious character to enliven your games.

I hope you enjoy it.

Download the PDF and see if that trip to Mousillon would be a good idea!

The_Snail_Man_Cover_A3 pieni

[Adventure] Sweetest Kiss

After few months of just sitting on it I decided finally to release this new adventure. It is currently art free and lacks a proper layout as well as art. But as things are I doubt I’ll reach a point when I will be able to fix these things. So it would be a shame to not to share it.

I am in debt for Dave Graffam for the great maps and commenting on the adventure. I would also like to express my thanks to Sami Uusitalo who has yet again provided me with excellent comments and ideas to sharpen this adventure.

The playtesting of Sweetest Kiss is still in progress  (we have managed to play through only the first two chapters). If you have the time to run this and give me some additional comments I would be extremely pleased!

The Sweetest Kiss is an adventure to start a new campaign. It was written after a lengthy discussion at the Strike-to-Stun forums about dungeon bashing with WFRP2. Running it for any group on their first career should not be a problem. The GM will need to come up with one additional encounter to play the social events that lead into this adventure.

I hope you have great time with the Sweetest Kiss (< download PDF)!


In other news – We have started a new Dungeon World campaign. If you interested in following how that goes feel free to read about it at the Guild Redemund’s Blog.

Poll for Fan Scenario Winner 2013

The Daily Empire is proud to present you with the official poll for the WFRP3 fan scenario 2013 poll.

This competition was started by Emirikol at the FFG’s forum. The three adventures posted are presented and hosted here for you judgement. Read them through, play them and vote for your favorite.

The poll ends at November 21st after which the winner is announced!

Comments for the adventures are more than welcome.

Lost and Found, by No.12

One Hand Gives, the Other Takes It Away, by Emirikol

The Steward of Grauwerk Manor, by Valvorik

Harvest Time is Upon Us

Since the StS downloads sections seems to be having some problems, Ovid send his excellent WFRP2 scenario “A Bitter Harvest” to be hosted here too. Though I think it is good to have these kind of resources spread out for broader visibility, lets hope that the StS gets the section working

DOWNLOAD A Bitter Harvest (pdf)

I would also like to add that if Ovid has nothing against it, I would be glad to host conversion files for this adventure. That is if someone would be willing to convert it for WFRP3 for example.

Goog Autumn and games for everyone!