LFIX – Perils of the Empire Released!

Now it is here!

I know I’ve been promising it for half a year but if you just go to Liber Fanatica you will notice that it really is HERE.

Ninth issue of Liber Fanatica is massive tome of adventures. It includes adventures is Mordheim, second part of the Master of Shadows campaign (written buy yours truly) and a load of smaller scenarios (some of which form even a small campaign).

In addition to adventures this issue also gives ideas and advises of who to deal with problematic players (and GMs).

You might notice that this huge beast is only the first part of the IX issue. Hopefully will finish of the second part in time and can begin to work with the 10th issue.

But for now enjoy the Perils of the Empire and do not forget to give us feedback on the whole thing in any way you see fit.


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