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A sharp eye can spot mistakes even in forbidden documents. Aleksander Temkin managed to spot an error in my Cult of the Possessed and for that I thank him!

The main reason this page is done as blog (other than my frustration on writing a web page) is the ability to comment on things. So please, always remember to give comment when you think you have something to say. This page is for the whole community. Not just for my ego-boost.

Download the updated version of Cult of the Possessed HERE as a pdf.

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(Disclaimer on the Daily Empire)

Site Statistics

While being sick put my creative time to halt I found myself browsing the statistics of the Daily Empire today. I was quite impressed to notice that “daily empire” had been searched for over 500 times in the passing year. Given that I’ve been trying to give out the link whenever possible that is quite a substantial number of searches. Thanks for that!

I was also intrigued by the fact that after “daily empire” and all its variations what was most common term to find this site was “warhammer steampunk” (and its variations). I’ve posted only one post about this kind of thing. At least if my memory serves me.

I would have thought that the one-sheets or The Cult of the Possessed would have got more hits but looks like you want your blackpowder and flying hot-air balloons with a little pinch of  mechanical horses and steamengines! Now personally I’m not a big fan of the whole steampunk genre but I must admit I’ve used it in our games too.

As for what pages have been visited since the Daily Empire was opened other than the main page (9,671 hits!) one-sheets, adventure seeds and the Cult come in with flying colors. It is a bit funny though that even though this site is supposed to be an “inspirational site” and was started to host the list for warhammerish movies these pages have fever hits than the steampunk post.

All in all I guess you want a little more steampunk right? Then I suggest you to give comments or send me mail as I’ll begin the work on the finale of the Master of Shadows-campaign at January 2013.

Malal Malal Be’lakor

It is finally finished.

I actually managed to do the last touches on the Blasphemous Cults 3: The Cult of the Possessed last night but was too tired (and anxious to wake up for a Reckless Dice Podcast) to put it online. But with a two hours of sleep (thanks to my son) and an energy drink I am more than ready to present it to you!

What’s the Cult of the Possessed about?

CotP is an indenpendent sequal to the series started by Sami Uusitalo with his Blashpemous Cults (download it from Strike-to-Stun HERE). It presents a cult of Chaos very different from those seen in current line of products resurrecting an old god of Chaos called Malal. It deals with how the cult is perceived by servants of Sigmar and by the cultists themselves and gives you ideas how to fight Chaos with Chaos.

About this Malal/Be’lakor thing…

I am first to admit that the idea is not exactly my own, original or even canonical. But as it nevertheless made an interesting supplement I really don’t care. The way I dealt with these two beings is not for everyone but I still think it was a valid choice. Certainly after adding some Cthulhu Mythos into the mix too.

For which edition is this supplement?

As I have stated with the one-sheet I like all editions of WFRP and will not put any gaming info on my own works. This frees me from spending time to search different rules for these things so I can use that time to write.

I will say however that the supplement includes references into the Storm of Chaos (as it is quite relevant when talking about Be’lakor). This however should not be a problem and could be presented as visions of future if needed.

For gaming purposes I recommend gamers to check WFRP2 – Tome of Corruption for possessions and exorcism. Sami Uusitalo told me that there’s some similar stuff in FFG’s Warhammer 40K rpg product line.

I would like to thank all of you who helped me with this product whether it was proofreading, editing advises or much needed commentary. Without you I would have lost interest!

As always I would be more than happy to receive comments and suggestions (or even an occasional “hello!”) about the product. As some of you might have noticed I answer to all emails and usually pretty promptly.

Without further ramblings, download Blashpemous Cults III: The Cult of the Possessed


Return of the Renegade

I’ve been writing this piece from early march. If my memory serves me right and by “writing” I mean “started and then forgot all about it for months”. Proof-reading is still “on process” and some changes might be made. Hopefully these will mean some more original art!

But if the Four Great God of Chaos do not notice my work I believe Malal is released when Mórrslieb is full…

In other news – yet another one-sheet was added. This one called The Curiosity of Men that is a kind of like a Pandora’s Box.