New Character Sheets for WFRP3

Once upon a time there where no good alternatives for the character sheet of WFRP3.

And then all of a sudden there are three!

Gitzman’s sheet is still a bit “under construction” but it already seems really good. The other two sheets are Doublehex’s (he has kindly enough allowed me to host his sheets on the Daily Empire) and my own.

So here you go!

My Sheet

Doublehex’s Sheet

(I’ll add the links to Gitzman’s sheet when it is finished but I’m sure you can look out for it at his Gallery.)


The latest version of Gitzman’s Super Huge Detailed Map of the Warhammer Old World is up and running on his SITE. If you’re wondering the location of Grunewald Lodge, Geissbach or Caradué search no more!

I think I’m speaking for the whole community as I express the gamers’ huge gratitude for this enormous and necessary project.

Great work!

edit: I just noticed I already skipped a day without a mutant. I made up for it and there are currently four ready-to-use mutants in Inspiration > Other section. All of them are quite sad cases. Maybe I should write a more happy mutants? Like four turtle like beastmen living in the sewers of Altdorf?