Steampunk Warhammer

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I stumbled upon this blog via a gaming friend. Though it is NOT in anyway canonical it is really interesting and inspiring. It also goes to show how much potential the Warhammer World could (or should) have. As such it naturally is not for everyone.

The map itself represents an curious idea about most of the Empire been engulfed by the Sea of Claws.

The blog (mostly about miniatures though) can be found HERE. Give it a chance and tell us your opinion about the whole thing. Or from other uses of Old World in some other manner.


The latest version of Gitzman’s Super Huge Detailed Map of the Warhammer Old World is up and running on his SITE. If you’re wondering the location of Grunewald Lodge, Geissbach or Caradué search no more!

I think I’m speaking for the whole community as I express the gamers’ huge gratitude for this enormous and necessary project.

Great work!

edit: I just noticed I already skipped a day without a mutant. I made up for it and there are currently four ready-to-use mutants in Inspiration > Other section. All of them are quite sad cases. Maybe I should write a more happy mutants? Like four turtle like beastmen living in the sewers of Altdorf?

Preview of the incoming Norsca map

Warhammer community newer ceases to amaze me. Current example of the skills of the fans of WFRP is the incoming map of Norsca. Jackdays has been on this project for ages and now the updating is almost finished. The Daily Empire got an early sneak preview and the permission to publish this part of the map – the Northern Bretonnia.

The amount of detail is quite stunning. It’s filled with ruins, land marks, town and castles to inspire GMs and players alike.

I think I’m speaking for (at least almost) the whole community when I say: “Excellent work! When can we see more?”