The Snail Man Cometh

Edit: Naturally forgot the correct link… Here it is: The Snail Man (final)

It seems like we are in for another treat by Sami Uusitalo. Just last month I was proud to host his huge adventure The Queen of Embers and now he sent in another supplement!

Sami has this to say about the new supplement:

Here is a short supplement for Warhammer Fantasy RPG written as an in-game document (and could be used as such). The supplement aims to inspire the GM by introducing several different theories about a mysterious NPC called the Snail Man that can be used either as a villain or an ally – or just a curious character to enliven your games.

I hope you enjoy it.

Download the PDF and see if that trip to Mousillon would be a good idea!

The_Snail_Man_Cover_A3 pieni

A Mutant per Day Keeps the Enemy Within

…or something.

But reading through WFRP2 supplement Tome of Corruption I gained a feverish vision of writing an usable mutant per day.

Now I know that at least someone keep track of my RSS feed so I won’t be spamming their feed with daily posts but will post them HERE possibly catching up when something interesting turns up.

But let’s start with the idea that started this project.

Klaus Fleming 
Noble, Ruler, Nordland, Slaanesh

In the cold and windy coast of Nordland a knight and bailiff of Qvidja (a small settlement west from Hargendorf founded by Klaus’s forefather Joachmin). Flemings have ruled their fief with a hard grasp before but Klaus has become the epitome of ruthless bailiff.

While serving in the navy of Elector Count von Raukov Fleming attacked a Norscan coastal village slaughtering recklessly adults and children alike in the name of Sigmar. After the battle was over a weeping widow came to Fleming and before anybody could stop her the witch had laid a curse on the knight. After this Klaus fell ill and was returned to his home.

The bailiff could not eat or drink and was withering away before the eyes of his loving wife. Who was shocked to tears to learn of his husbands condition. Late at night when his wife was weeping for him Klaus woke up from a feverish dream to feel a irresistible hunger and thirst. Seeing no chalice of water he grasped his wife and licked away her tears.

After that night Klaus grew stronger. Soon he was able to walk the palisades and inspect his troops but now his wife was withering. And it was not long before he died of grief.

Since then Klaus has learned that he can only satisfy his hunger by drinking tears. And a seemingly endless supply of peasants has kept him going. What he does to those poor souls in the dungeons of his castle none dare to guess but whispers of Chaos worshiping are bound to rise sooner or later.

As is a a rebellion of peasants…

Vision of Chaos

As can be seen in the sidebar I’m currently coding my GM tool “Visions of Chaos” (check downloads page) with javascript to insert it to this page. It’s still very much work in progress but works quite nicely even now so I decided to leave it on. I aim to integrate it on its own page and possibly doing a plainer version for hand held devices (as I’m iPhone user myself) but until I get there it work in as a widget. Each time you reload this page it generates a different  NPC (the current variables give already over 100 000 different outcomes).