Rekindling an Old Flame

After almost two years since our last campaign with WFRP was buried in silence for the lack of interest I have found myself toying about starting a new campaign with new players. The the past year and a half I have been writing Eldritch Sigils and have not paid a lot of thought to Warhammer. And still I find myself visiting the StS and FFG forum almost daily. I haven’t been quite active but I have been there. Lurking in the shadows sot to speak.

As the summer draws more near starting a new campaign sounds more and more right.

We have just begun a new fantasy campaign with Sigils and I hope it will be great. But as the system of Eldritch Sigils has more to do with narrating the outcomes and completing stories I think I need a counter balance with more complicated fighting and books you can browse through.

I have considered Pathfinder, waiting for the next edition of D&D and would love to run One Ring if it would be less tied with Middle-Earth. But the lure of Warhammer might just be too hard to resist…

Having send an email to couple of friends I have not played in a while I can do little but wait to hear their responses. Hopefully we’ll get the gaming going before it’s winter again…

Winter Solstice is coming

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It is a promotion of material written and designed by the host of the Daily Empire, Lauri Maijala. This does not mean that the Daily Empire would turn into a promotional field or abandon WFRP. It just means that it is a pretty damn good game to try out.

A month ago an introduction was published.

Since then there has been quite a lot of work done with the Eldritch Sigils but as things tend to move up to their own speed we are not quite there yet. However we are ready to present a small (should I say) “commercial” about what is to come.

House of Gods is an adventure aimed to be played during a single night or in a convention. It sends up to five Native American braves to fight for their right to rule the tribe but just might include a twist that makes it a lot more entertaining. And “oneshotty”.

This scenario uses the most basic rules of Eldritch Sigils; it is stripped from a lot of the “full rules” in the sake of being able to learn the system and play the game in a few hours. It is the first of a series of similarly themed (or at least build) adventures.

In the midst of all the snow here in Finland I hope that this adventure finds you and your group with a little time (and PCs) to kill. If you have anything at all to say about this first installment I hope you bring it up either here or send me a direct email.

I should point out that as we are currently without illustrators this pdf (and those that follow) are lacking in art. We have every intention to get more eye-candy once we are able to support the artist(s).

DOWNLOAD House of Gods

Enjoy the story. May it be brutal.

What is Eldritch Sigils

If it seems that I’ve been a bit quite in the past it is only because of a very good reason. I’ve been working on several projects (both professionally and as a hobbyist) including (in some volume) the Grünburg Project and Zweihänder. May the lords of chaos bless both of them with success!

That is not all however.

Almost a year ago I returned to a project I started almost ten years ago. Only a little is left from my original writings but the spirit is still there. Yes, my very own RPG has been on the works for a long time.

I’m not finished with the writing yet but we’ve been using the system since February and I’m almost certain that we are quite near the finishing line.

Eldritch Sigils

Eldritch Sigils is a role-playing game of hard-boiled detectives, femme fatales, conspiracies, cybernetic implants, major corporations, esoteric lore and naturally guns and drugs. It takes place in a not too distant future where the internet and social media have engulfed the world and turned into something that is called simply the Cocoon – an insane network of electrical information that directly links to every decision and action that people take.

The stories of Eldritch Sigils are tales of fatalistic nightmares. One cannot escape nor avoid his future. And, most certain of all, no-one will survive it. All events are linked, though it might not seem so, and they will eventually spell out the fall of each and everyone who are entwined to them.

The story system of Eldritch Sigils is meant to be simple but effective. It allows the players to roll large amounts of regular dice (which is always fun) and follows the ideas of “fail forward”-type of games. The game revolves around Keywords that the characters possess as well as giving the a wide range of characteristics and skills. All checks are made against another pool of dice so each and every action has the option to be successful or a failure.

I am really hopeful that we are able to release the lite version of the rules at least before the end of this year (mainly depending on the artists) and the full version some time at the beginning of the year 2013. That is if the world does not end with the Mayan calendar. Naturally.

Now – if you know any artists that would be willing to sacrifice their time (currently with no profit, though I’m hopeful this will change) please contact me or tell them/him/her/it to contact me at lauri.maijala /at/ gmail /dot/ com.

I’d like to finish this post with a promise that I’m not through with WFRP. The sooner I get Eldritch Sigils up and running the sooner I can turn my focus on the final part of the Master of Shadows-campaign.

I would also like to express my immense thanks to one Gert Van De Slijke who has been always there for my proofreading needs. You metal, man! (I’d use “rock” but I’m more into metal anyway)