The Butcher of Ubersreik

While the Party was getting back from Rotstier and Buchedorf they encountered a forgotten watchtower that one of the recognized as a former guarding post of the Order of the Raging Boar (minor knightly order created for the campaign). They could not enter the tower however as it was plagued with chaotic beings that looked like Reikeels living in the solid rock!

The party left the tower in fear even though they had seen someone spying on them from the its top parts…

Getting back to the city proved to be a minor task. The sun had already set and the Mórrslieb (even though not full) was lurking on the sky, bigger than previously. Barnabas bribed the guards while Joachim fooled them with an illusion to believe Synab was not who he seemed to be. The guards did however notice a fresh bruise in the head of Synab.

After a good night’s sleep and some restocking the party was ready to get into action. They had decided to confront Noseless-Brandt once and for all and set to track him down.

Joachim was successful and after a tavern tour and some bribery managed to learn the address of the sewer jack and set out to spy him from the shadows. Joachim had learned that Brandt had been on a bender and was most likely sleeping off his hangover and as the grey wizard noticed this was true.

Suspecting something Joachim climbed into the sewers from where he could keep an eye on Brandt’s house and the sewers beneath it. Naturally this was the time for skavens to appear.

Two gutter runners were sent to assassinate Brandt for getting too close to exposing the skaven and naturally Joachim was sure that they were there to serve their master. Joachim tried to escape but was caught by the agile ratmen and nearly lost his life in the fight before fleeing. He returned to the party’s safehouse and alerted all of them to rush to Brandt’s apartment.

The Skaven were frightful of the wizard and went to get help and therefore were only nearing the house again when the PCs arrived.

While Joachim kept watch Barnabas and Synab sneaked in. Suspecting nothing Barnabas sent Synab upstairs (well the player certainly suspected something). After a while Barnabas heard unnatural voices from above and climbed the stairs…

…only to see his “apprentice” hacking Brandt into pieces with two daggers and an enormous malignant eye staring from the back of his head!

As a side note I might add that we are playing something of a plot point based sandbox game (meaning that when certain things happen certain other things happen). Synab’s player just wanted to get on the wild side and I did not want to spoil his sport. He made all of the decisions that turned a farmer boy into a murdering mutant with a smile on his face. And after Synab had been spotted he fought like a devil against the watch and his former companions.

Barnabas went to alert the guards while Synab tried to cover his tracks by burning down the house. He made it to the streets where he was met by several city guards as well as Barnabas (and Joachim in the shadows). In the following fight Synab managed to deal a critical hit on Barnabas and kill two guards before being killed by Barnabas’s crossbow bolt and Joachim magic missile.

After the dead of the Butcher of Ubersreik Barnabas was questioned for his relationship to Synab. He managed to convince the guard that he had nothing to do with the lunatic and was released (naturally without the reward for the Butcher).

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