By the Light of Mórrslieb

While trying to outrun the guards Nils and Synab get lost in to the sewers of Ubersreik. Nils manages to get away but Synab is caught literally bloody handed and is taken to Magnus’s Tower.

Meanwhile Barnabas has encountered his old friend Hieronymus Blitzen (who didn’t die as CotHR indicates but went into hiding when the skaven were on to him) disguised as a knight of the Reiksguard. Blitzen is worried about the skaven and too paranoid to stay in the town but leaves his apprentice Joachim Schwartznatter to help his old friend. A new PC introduced.

The help is surely needed as NIls returns to Barnabas bearing grave news about the fate of Synab.

The skills of the shadowmancer apprentice are put to test immediately as he breaks into the Tower in disguise (doppelganger spell) to break Synab free. Joachim is somewhat troubled to release a known murderer but does so anyway. Even when Synab releases all of the other prisoners Joachim still does not see that this man is on the road to chaos. Together they flee the tower as the guards butcher the escapees.

After the two of them have healed from some nasty flux they got while in the dungeon of the Tower Barnabas moves the whole party into a abandoned hovel at the edge of Ubersreik. Joachim plans a mourning costume for Synab to wear as his face is in every corner of Ubersreik as an escaped murderer and fiend of chaos (while freeing Synab Joachim miscasted a spell causing all drinks around the Tower to go sour and as nobody knows about Joachm’s involvement Synab was accused of this too).

When the local patrols finally give up tracking the Butcherer and issue a curfew the party takes the night and moves through the sewers to investigate the mystical hidden door. They find the storage used by the smugglers and Joachim sees traces of Dhar lingering there. The party is sure that this must be the work of skaven and after a while they find the house above the basement.

The merchant house looks empty so they decide to break in only to find the guard dog dead. Suddenly the light of Mórrslieb shines through a window and wakes the dog up as an undead menace. Arcane Orrery is already in work and the presence of warpstone in the cellar have caused the house to gain an unnatural effect.

After re-killing the dog the party sneaks into upstairs but instead the lord of the house they find his servant – also risen as a zombie. PCs kill the zombie and after some looting find strange glasses (check the picture) and an enormous load of writings in different languages (even one particular red grimoire).

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