[Bitter Moors] Clan Scruten

I’m making some progress here and even though this seems to turn out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated I’m still having fun with it. As Skaven have always been a major factor in my campaigns and I really want to run a campaign where PCs are Skaven I also needed a possible Skaven threat. Though Clan Scruten doesn’t have too much information about it I think I’m quite happy (at least at this point) with what I came up for it.

clan_scruten_symbolClan Scruten

Clan Population: c. 9000

Influence: Moderate; the clans ability to move within human community is respected but their methods are questioned as well as their wealth

Holdings: Rich holdings; well-established and defensive stronghold (Rat Rock), dozens of nests, six warrens (one of which is Under-Marienburg)

Clan Traits: Secretive – all Skaven from Clan Scruten begin with Rover or Alley Rat (as in Alley Cat) Talent; Magically Attuned – all Skaven from Clan Scruten have a 30% chance to begin with Aethyric Attunement Talent.

Around 500 years ago Greyseer Kritislik lead a clan to north and established warrens at the Cursed Marshes. Over the years the Clans influence grew and they extended their warrens under the Marienburg itself. The clan became known for their abilities in concealment and infiltration, and though they have never risen to a notable status as a warlord clan some suspect that this all works well for Kritislik. There have even been some talk that he is growing a personal army far away from Skavenblight.

And that is precisely spot on.

As well as from their subterfuge the Clan Scruten have become known for their talents of hunting warpstone from lands of the manthings. From each founding only a portion is send to Skavenblight as most of it is kept in the hidden chambers of clan’s warrens.

According to the legends the Wasteland was once a battleground between the Skaven and Fimir. The legends goes on about how the two races finally released just a vast amount of mystic energy that the whole landscape became saturated by warping magic. When Kritislik came to power he wanted a personal army to fight for him and he hid it away in a land that was attuned to winds of magic.

In secrecy he instructed the Clan to work on blasphemy and commanded them to study magic – something that was strictly forbidden for other than Greyseer. At 2512 this heinous secret was almost revealed when a small unit was encountered by non-Skaven adventurers. They told about their encounter and the rumours quickly reached the ears of Skaven spies. Greyseer Kritislik was quick to act and “personally made sure” that there were no such thing Skavens learning to be wizards. As always a vast number of Skaven lost their lives in this cover-up but Kritislik was able to hide his secret.

During their infiltration to the underworld (and under-world) of Marienburg the Clan Scruten have come into contact with the Lord of Shadows. Currently an uneasy truce is in effect and Lord of Shadows has even (sparsely) used Clan Scrutens spies to further his own evil plans.

Only recently the Clan has heard rumours of a hidden warlord clan in the Bitter Moors but hasn’t had the time to study these claims. Yet.

As with all [Bitter Moors] posts this is a WIP version. It might change and most likely will change. If you have more info to share with me or have additional comments on the matter, please share them!

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