[Bitter Moors] Skaven Clan Skeehakk

It seems I have once again managed to “get into the zone” for writing things for WFRP. These things are more or less writing themselves with the help of official sourcebooks. I intend to post my progress on this “Bitter Moors Supplement” as I write them (leaving some tidbits to be published only in the final document). I must warn you, though – these writings are still work-in-progress so some things might chance and there hasn’t been any kind of proof-reading on them.

But if you are interested, please, read on!

Skaven Clan Skeehakk

Clan Population: 800
Influence: None; all but extinct
Holdings: Modest holdings; a stronghold, 5 nests, moderately-sized warren
Clan Traits: Warped (each Skaven gains one random mutation)

When the Skaven marched to war against the Fimir it ended badly for both sides. The only actual winners of that terrible feud were the Skaven of Clan Skeehakk. Formerly slaves of Rat Rock they escaped through hazardous tunnels under the Manaanspoort Sea and settled at bellow the Bitter Moors.

Ever vigilant for the their former master and the Dwarfs and greenskins of the Pale Sisters Clan Skeehakk burrowed deep and never saw much sense on expanding their under-empire borders. Only recently they have been stirred by the strongly flowing Winds of Chaos and have become more and more aggressive. The few spies they actually have in Marienburg and Tancred Castle haven’t learnt any news of people actually knowing about the existence of the Clan.

What sets the Clan Skeehakk mostly apart from other warlord clans is their use of bitter waters that run under the Moors. Saturated by ancient magic and hints of Warpstone these waters have  been mutating the Clan through the centuries. The Clan now uses vials of the bitter waters as others use Warpstone.

Vasrin the Sneak

Vasrin has raised to the head of the Clan Skeehakk only recently. When his predecessors wanted to stay hidden Vasrin has much bigger plans. He has seen the mighty Chaos Fleets, spied on the Elven emissaries and even survived the encounter with the Lord of Shadows at Marienburg.

Once a spy of some skill Vasrin stabbed the previous clan leader in the back (after slicing the throats of his black guard and making sure that any others would not raise against him). On grander scale Vasrin is not as clever or subtle as the Skaven of Clan Eshin but this hasn’t kept him from becoming a dangerous new force in the Wasteland.

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