A Suggestion for Scenario Order

I post this a while back at the FFG’s forum but have since sold my copies of WFRP3 material. I still think this was actually quite good idea of how to use much of the published material. If anyone decided to use this framework I would be very interested in hearing the results of such a campaign.

Start with The Day Late… Introduce the beastmen tribe from Gathering Storm here as a well as Aschaffenbergs.

As the second part of the campaign use Gathering Storm. Let Aschaffenberg to be mildly interested in the actions of the characters.

Once the party has dealt with Stormdorf they will be much more familiar to the ruling elite of the area and Aschaffenberg will invite them to his lodge (Eye for an Eye).

Dealing with the problems there lets the characters to grow in fame and they will be invited to Ubersreik for some down time. Use either the adventure from Lure of Power or Edge of Night here (or both if you like).

Move to Witch’s Song next and use the marshes presented in Gathering Storm as their location. The underground tunnel does not lead into sea but to Bretonnia. It is still a smuggling route and most of the threats presented will be there. You may even use Fouldeath (from the Gathering Storm) instead of the Witch if he is still alive. Use Bretonnians instead of dark elves to introduce the strained relationships between Empire and Bretonnia (that are left on too small notice, in my opinion).

 As the finale of the campaign use Crimson Rain again modified to fit to the Grey Mountains. No Norscan warriors but Bretonnian soldiers. If this does not suit your group, forget Crimson Rain and go with the epic WAAAAGH adventure from Hero’s Call. For this you need to present the threat of orcs earlier on the campaign.

Not only does this framework allow you to use most of the published adventures, but it should also give you a feeling of continuity without too much of an effort. It also gives you “regular bad guys” rather than an average “monster of the week” campaign.

Good gaming!