Naming the Adventures

While writing a new adventure I stopped to think about how to name it. The usual way of “The something something” is used so many times that it looks even a bit silly. I got a bit carried away while thinking about this and thought of Barbarians of Lemuria by Beyond Belief Games. It is an excellent game and I can recommend it to everyone. Butchering hordes of minions has never been so fun!

In Barbarians of Lemuria all adventures are named after one of the characters (usually determined randomly). So it is Gotrek the Gladiator or Felix and The Curse of the Onyx Sword etc. It is a good way to shine some light on characters.

This got me thinking. Why wouldn’t use it in other fantasy games? After an adventure is over the GM could reveal the name of the adventure (I never reveal names before the end as they are usually too much of a give-away). Then the players could decide which character made the adventure most memorable. Giving the decision to the hands of the players is a great way to reward them for good roleplaying and allow them to think how they could make sure that the next adventure would carry the name of their character.

Just a thought though. At least I would like to remember the adventure as “Jacén de’Caradué and the Crimson Rain” or “Nils Bärherz and the Eye for an Eye”.

What do you think?