The Queen of Embers

Sami Uusitalo has done it again and proves us that even though the official line of WFRP is dead (at the moment) the fans are still alive and kicking!

The Queen of Embers is a new mammoth adventure with no less than 121 pages of adventure! It includes all the details you will need to make a memorable campaign though eight connected chapters taking place in Nuln and Wissenland.

This kind of job is not for a faint hearted fan so I really hope that you will take time to read it through, comment it and GM it to your friends. Remember to tip your hat at Sami because his is the keeping all of our spirits high!

Adventure removed at request of the author.

2 thoughts on “The Queen of Embers

  1. From a read through, lots of exciting material here, typical of the author. Possibly a bit
    linear (although there is a lot of latitude concerning how a task is done), and maybe the venerean investigator in one chapter should be a witchhunter, as it is unclear why he can overrule the local temple of verena. Should lead to memorable play, well done.

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