WFRP Compared to D&D

Continuing with the work of others. As D&D seems to be the most known RPG system it’s easy to compare it to a new one to introduce new players to a game. Here’s what Jackadays has to say:

Everyone offcourse makes the world as they like…

But when compared D&D worlds to Warhammer world few things come to mind:

  • Less magic. Magic-users are more rare in Warhammer and people fear them very much. Even licensed magister may get burned as a witch if not careful. Also magic-users are commonly not so powerful and all mighty as in D&D world. Magical items are very rare too. But there are still powerful magic-users and powerful magical items …
  • Monstrous humanoid races among the other races are basicly unknown in the Warhammer. Even WFRP1 rules had half-orcs, they are gone now… Ogres are somewhat tolerated among Humans. Humans know that there are Halflings, Elves and Dwarfs. But in some places Elves for example could be viewed as strange, mysterious creatures, because they are uncommon.
  • Even Warhammer is fantasy-world, it is still very much real world like. Many aspects are similar, which makes it so interesting.
  • Monsters are more rare also. Dont get me wrong – There are all kinds of monsters running around in the world, but they are just little more rare than in average D&D world. And more mysterious to average folk.
  • Corruption of people is everywhere and something that people really fear. Commonly people are corrupted by the Chaos-Gods (and this way gain mutations), but some also start using other forbidden magic like Necromancy. Forces Chaos and Undead worry people, even many do not want to believe in these forces.
  • To sum little these ideas – In Warhammer normal people dont really know there are monsters, powerful magic-users, magic-items, dragons, Chaos, Daemons, Vampires, Skaven, even High-Elves… They are something from the legends and stories told to children. But truth is, that those all are in the shadows ready jump out… Its the mystery of these things, and fear, that makes the Warhammer world.

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