This page will serve as a library for all fan material for WFRP4 that I’ve been given permission (by the author) to host.

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The Heretic Job

Doña Ana Myrmidia Margarita Dìaz’s pet goat, Don Rodrigo, shat on sacred land and has been tried and convicted of heresy. With the auto da fe only a few days away and trapped between the Inquisition on the one hand and his beloved daughter on the other, Don Bernardo hires the PCs to retrieve the goat in whatever way they want, so long as it returns alive and the whole case cannot be traced back to him.

This is the game I ran at Tobcon 2 in 2018. As of first posting, it only exists as notes and the pregens, which I am posting as PDFs here.

The Heretic Job: Adventure Notes

Note that for the pregens, I ignored Resilience/Resolve and gave each character an appropriate no. of Fortune Points and a single Fate Point each. For some reason, the WS bonus is formatted extremely small, but note that both the Bounty Hunter and the Racketeer have +5 WS.

Bounty Hunter