This page will serve as a library for all fan material for WFRP3 that I’ve been given permission (by the author) to host. Additional material can be send to  doc_cthulhu /at/ hotmail /dot/ com.

Reik Eels – Download PDF
Includes complete stats for Reik Eels, views by Old Worlders and views how to use them. Also includes the stats for Reik Eels in WFRP2.
(By: Mal Reynolds)

Expanded Table of Alcoholic Beverages – Download PDF
Collection on miscellaneous alcohols from official sources. WFRP3 rules added when given in original text.
(By: Mal Reynolds)

The Book of the Asur – Download ZIP
The complete fan-supplement of Asur. Includes a book, careers and whatnot.
(By: Yepesnopes)

A Favour for The Fostenklauster – Download PDF

An investigative scenario in a monastery of scholars that houses a brewery and rest home for zealots and witch hunters.

(By: Valvorik/Rob Harper)

Character Sheets

These character sheets are for WFRP3 and are made by fans.

Doublehex’s Sheets (.rar)
Includes three different versions of the sheet with different borders (borders are from WFRP2, Wraith and Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch). Does NOT include sockets for cards.

doc_cthulhu’s Sheet (.pdf)
Does NOT include sockets for cards.

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