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Klaus Fleming 
Noble, Ruler, Nordland, Slaanesh

In the cold and windy coast of Nordland a knight and bailiff of Qvidja (a small settlement west from Hargendorf founded by Klaus’s forefather Joachmin). Flemings have ruled their fief with a hard grasp before but Klaus has become the epitome of ruthless bailiff.

While serving in the navy of Elector Count von Raukov Fleming attacked a Norscan coastal village slaughtering recklessly adults and children alike in the name of Sigmar. After the battle was over a weeping widow came to Fleming and before anybody could stop her the witch had laid a curse on the knight. After this Klaus fell ill and was returned to his home.

The bailiff could not eat or drink and was withering away before the eyes of his loving wife. Who was shocked to tears to learn of his husbands condition. Late at night when his wife was weeping for him Klaus woke up from a feverish dream to feel a irresistible hunger and thirst. Seeing no chalice of water he grasped his wife and licked away her tears.

After that night Klaus grew stronger. Soon he was able to walk the palisades and inspect his troops but now his wife was withering. And it was not long before he died of grief.

Since then Klaus has learned that he can only satisfy his hunger by drinking tears. And a seemingly endless supply of peasants has kept him going. What he does to those poor souls in the dungeons of his castle none dare to guess but whispers of Chaos worshiping are bound to rise sooner or later.

As is a a rebellion of peasants…

Talla König
Hedge wizard, Rural, Talabecland, Chaos

No-one knows how long Talla has dwelt in the deep and moist cave at the edge of a Kölsä Hills. But in the taverns by the River Lothra patrons whisper about the tattooed witch.

Talla abandoned society decades ago when the gods of chaos touched her and gave her great horns to symbol their affection. Having always been drawn to wind of Ghur Talla escaped the wrath of her former family to wilderness and embraced the beasts of the forest as her new kin.

It would have been easy for her to fall to chaos completely but Talla resisted the beastmen of Kölsa Hills and fought fiercely against them. Soon she became famous and feared figure that was sought out when the need was most dire or the situation most grave.

Wood elf, Rural, Reikwald Forest, Insanity

Traveling from Athel Loren to lands of the men is not always even close to pleasant. The men are revolting to Asrai and to interact with them could even be harmful.

Ulsafir is one of the elves touched by chaos. He was sent to recover a Waystone lost to beastmen of Reikwald Forest and with his kith band he journeyed through the lands of men. Each day proving the lack of discipline and respect of men.

The mission to recover the Waystone was unsuccesful. Ulsalfir’s warriors were sold out by the men of Stromdorf to beastmen. And so when the kith band arrived to the corrupted Waystone they were ambushed. All elves were killed except Ulsalfir who managed to fight his way out – but not before he was exposed to foul presence of the vile herdstone.

The corruption took root in Ulsalfir’s mind quite quickly. The death of his warriors and the treachery of men was enough to drive him to turn from the Ever-Queen to Lord of Murder. After killing a few men simply of rage Ulsalfir managed to gather enough discipline to avert the roads used by people of Reikland.

Now Ulsalfir dwells in the Reikwald Forest hunting for beastmen as a hermit. The rage still boils in his brain and to confront him would require a little more than a simple “hello” as it is only the matter of time when he will begin to hunt the men as well as beastmen.

Jacob Ostlander
Grave robber, Rural, Ostland, Nurgle

Of Jacob it could be said that his has not been a lucky life.

Born of as a bastard of a noble in Ostland Jacob soon learned his life was not pretty valuable. Scraping lively hood where he could get Jacob maintained himself from young age as his mother died of syphilis.

During his young age Jacob was constantly ill and when he finally was dedicated to end his own life he was approached by a loving (though stinky) elderly man. The man taught Jacob about the love of the Great Grandfather and for the first time in his whole life Jacob felt that life wasn’t so bad after all. But that was before his first “gift”.

At first Jacob only thought he had eaten something that had gone bad. He excused himself from the folks he met and quickly changed scenery. But soon it became apparent that the uncontrollable flatulence was not something caused by food. Jacob was so sad that he prayed the Great Grandfather to rid him of from the terrible smells of his bottoms. And Nurgle answered.

Since that Jacob has been living in the sewers of Wolfenburg. For Nurgle did rid him off of his buttocks. Kind of. Now Jacob only has one large leg which he uses to hop around. But still the Grandfather plagues him as he farts on every jump…

Needless to say Jacob is desperate to get rid of his horrible mutations. Almost as desperate as to avoid the attention of everyone.

Hunter, Rural, Reikland, Tzeentch

Living in a small community as a loner might sometimes be a little hard. But when you are a mutant occasionally it can be outright dangerous.

Weird-Willi is a hunter living in a small stone cottage at the edge of the village. He has always been avoided though nobody can actually remember why. They say though that Weird-Willi does not take part into the holy ceremonies held at the small temple of Sigmar. But it is without a doubt Weird-Willi who “knows these parts of the woods as the back of his hands”.

Some years ago Willi was hunting rabbits in the forest. When he killed a certain rabbit and prepared a meal from it he failed to notice that it was touched by Chaos. Such things are easy to miss when you’re hungry and the game your hunting is not hunting you!

After consuming the rabbit Willi noticed quite quickly that he could no longer enter any place that was considered “holy ground” without having a burst of mutations. Luckily for him these mutations did not turn him into a chaos spawn or actually even affect him very long. They fell of like they were never there once Willi got away from the hallowed ground.

Now all Weird-Willi can do is to try to avoid everything that is sacred. But recently he has noticed that hunting has become increasingly difficult since he cannot even make sacrifices to Taal in the local grove…

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