Daily Empire Closed

As some of you might have noticed the Daily Empire has gone under indefinite hiatus. At the end of 2015 our gaming guild (Guild Redemund) decided to change our domain provider. During the migration something happened to all WordPress sites that broke visual editing, uploads and links.

During this spring I tried to fix it and contacted our main admin so that he could do something about it. Unfortunately nothing has helped. At the moment I have to admit defeat and declare this blog closed or at least in an indefinite hiatus.

All is not lost though. The Daily Empire will stay online as long as I have any say in this. And who knows? Maybe we get it working some day. As of now I can only apologize for this inconvenience! My most sincere apology goes to Emil Heide who has been patiently waiting for me to fix this site so I could upload his newest work.

Lauri Maijala / doc_cthulhu

New WFRP Podcast Goes Live

Noelyuk from FFG’s forum informed the following:

“The show begins with The Enemy Within Revisited. The classic WFRP 1st edition campaign gets a revisit from our team using 3rd edition rules.
What started out as a personal wish to record our sessions has become a fully fledged podcast and I’m really excited about it and hope you are too.

You can find it in the itunes store here:


This hobby of ours is a very fleeting transient thing so it’s great to be able to record our weekly antics for prosperity and awesome now to
be able to share our adventures with other Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fans and RPG fans in general.

And let’s face it there’s precious little else out there at the moment to satiate your WFRP hunger.

So go and subscribe to stay tuned to The Enemy Within Revisited!

You can find out more about the team at our website here:



Also: I’m still having some issues with the functionality of this site and cannot upload new files. I’ll try to get it fixed but my time is quite limited at the moment.


Happy Solstice everybody!

We had an awesome level of interest in this years Solstice Challenge. I’d like to thank all who participated and wrote an adventure and those who voted. It seems like this challenge was something we all needed! Without further ramblings I’d like you all to give big “hurray!” for:


fo writing

The Ascension

Since there seems to be no way to close the poll it will remain open for anyone interested to give their votes. This does not take away the glory from Emil Heide.

Hopefully you will all have a fun time playing the onesheets!

Have a Scary Solstice and an Eldritch New Year!