New Adventure for WFRP 1e: The Sins of Our Fathers

Luke Ó Scolaidhe has generously allowed us to host his substantial WFRP 1e scenario, The Sins of Our Fathers here. It’s great to see 1e still being catered to: it has a vibe all of its own. This adventure picks up a thread from the river encounters in Death on the Reik and leads the PCs into a murder investigation full of darkness and paranoia in which old secrets return to haunt a village on the Empire/Wasteland border. And, true to 1e tradition, there are spoilers ‘hidden’ in the German of NPCs’ names!

Here’s the link: Sins of Our Fathers

An Interview with Tony Ackland at Realm of Chaos

Realm of Chaos just published an interview with Tony Ackland an artist who is one of the most influential entities behind my vision of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Those more familiar with the current third edition (or even the second) might not recognize his visions but I would be damned if I would not share this link.

Tony Ackland had a perfect vision of how Old World looks like. It is pretty different from current line but it still means more to me than “let’s use this image from Fantasy Battle”-type illustrations.

Check it out here!

Malal Malal Be’Lakor!