News Round-Up

Lots has happened in the WFRP world over the last 1+ week. But before I get to that…


I posted about this on Tuesday, but now there are just three days left on this relatively short, two-week KS for a deck of tarot cards illustrated by Ian Miller. So take the opportunity to pledge here now before it ends this coming Tuesday!

A recent update showed what the backs of the cards will look like:

And now on to the WFRP news proper… Continue reading

Rogue Trader Humble Bundle

From now and for the next 20 days, the Humble RPG Book Bundle is for the PDFs of Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader, once Fantasy Flight Games but now with Cubicle 7.

While this isn’t strictly to do with WFRP, the lowest contribution of $1 gets you a 20% off coupon for the C7 store. You won’t be able to use it for the first installment of the new Enemy Within campaign, since it doesn’t apply to preorders, but you could use it to get the WFRP 4e stuff that’s already appeared.