The Snail Man Cometh

Edit: Naturally forgot the correct link… Here it is: The Snail Man (final)

It seems like we are in for another treat by Sami Uusitalo. Just last month I was proud to host his huge adventure The Queen of Embers and now he sent in another supplement!

Sami has this to say about the new supplement:

Here is a short supplement for Warhammer Fantasy RPG written as an in-game document (and could be used as such). The supplement aims to inspire the GM by introducing several different theories about a mysterious NPC called the Snail Man that can be used either as a villain or an ally – or just a curious character to enliven your games.

I hope you enjoy it.

Download the PDF and see if that trip to Mousillon would be a good idea!

The_Snail_Man_Cover_A3 pieni

Magic Overhaul for WFRP2

A couple of days ago Strike-to-Stun user AranaiRa published a complete overhaul of arcane magic for WFRP2. This mammoth tome of 76 pages not only re-writes the spells but also offers the rules for elf wizards.

My group and I decided to go back to WFRP 2e after about a year and a half, though experience with newer games that run off of WFRP 2e’s base system made us realize that the existing casting system was a bit lack-luster. So we aimed to fix that.

An updated Rune Magic doc is coming soon, followed by Divine Magic. From there we plan to cover Dark Lores, then Witch Lores and hedge magic. Any feedback or error-catching is appreciated!

AranaiRa allowed the hosting of this document at the Daily Empire and thus you can download it HERE as a pdf.

The original post can be found at this Strike-to-Stun thread as I am sure that some of you would like to give comments and suggestions to the author.

LFIX – Perils of the Empire Released!

Now it is here!

I know I’ve been promising it for half a year but if you just go to Liber Fanatica you will notice that it really is HERE.

Ninth issue of Liber Fanatica is massive tome of adventures. It includes adventures is Mordheim, second part of the Master of Shadows campaign (written buy yours truly) and a load of smaller scenarios (some of which form even a small campaign).

In addition to adventures this issue also gives ideas and advises of who to deal with problematic players (and GMs).

You might notice that this huge beast is only the first part of the IX issue. Hopefully will finish of the second part in time and can begin to work with the 10th issue.

But for now enjoy the Perils of the Empire and do not forget to give us feedback on the whole thing in any way you see fit.


New Character Sheets for WFRP3

Once upon a time there where no good alternatives for the character sheet of WFRP3.

And then all of a sudden there are three!

Gitzman’s sheet is still a bit “under construction” but it already seems really good. The other two sheets are Doublehex’s (he has kindly enough allowed me to host his sheets on the Daily Empire) and my own.

So here you go!

My Sheet

Doublehex’s Sheet

(I’ll add the links to Gitzman’s sheet when it is finished but I’m sure you can look out for it at his Gallery.)

Malal Malal Be’lakor

It is finally finished.

I actually managed to do the last touches on the Blasphemous Cults 3: The Cult of the Possessed last night but was too tired (and anxious to wake up for a Reckless Dice Podcast) to put it online. But with a two hours of sleep (thanks to my son) and an energy drink I am more than ready to present it to you!

What’s the Cult of the Possessed about?

CotP is an indenpendent sequal to the series started by Sami Uusitalo with his Blashpemous Cults (download it from Strike-to-Stun HERE). It presents a cult of Chaos very different from those seen in current line of products resurrecting an old god of Chaos called Malal. It deals with how the cult is perceived by servants of Sigmar and by the cultists themselves and gives you ideas how to fight Chaos with Chaos.

About this Malal/Be’lakor thing…

I am first to admit that the idea is not exactly my own, original or even canonical. But as it nevertheless made an interesting supplement I really don’t care. The way I dealt with these two beings is not for everyone but I still think it was a valid choice. Certainly after adding some Cthulhu Mythos into the mix too.

For which edition is this supplement?

As I have stated with the one-sheet I like all editions of WFRP and will not put any gaming info on my own works. This frees me from spending time to search different rules for these things so I can use that time to write.

I will say however that the supplement includes references into the Storm of Chaos (as it is quite relevant when talking about Be’lakor). This however should not be a problem and could be presented as visions of future if needed.

For gaming purposes I recommend gamers to check WFRP2 – Tome of Corruption for possessions and exorcism. Sami Uusitalo told me that there’s some similar stuff in FFG’s Warhammer 40K rpg product line.

I would like to thank all of you who helped me with this product whether it was proofreading, editing advises or much needed commentary. Without you I would have lost interest!

As always I would be more than happy to receive comments and suggestions (or even an occasional “hello!”) about the product. As some of you might have noticed I answer to all emails and usually pretty promptly.

Without further ramblings, download Blashpemous Cults III: The Cult of the Possessed