Magic Overhaul for WFRP2

A couple of days ago Strike-to-Stun user AranaiRa published a complete overhaul of arcane magic for WFRP2. This mammoth tome of 76 pages not only re-writes the spells but also offers the rules for elf wizards.

My group and I decided to go back to WFRP 2e after about a year and a half, though experience with newer games that run off of WFRP 2e’s base system made us realize that the existing casting system was a bit lack-luster. So we aimed to fix that.

An updated Rune Magic doc is coming soon, followed by Divine Magic. From there we plan to cover Dark Lores, then Witch Lores and hedge magic. Any feedback or error-catching is appreciated!

AranaiRa allowed the hosting of this document at the Daily Empire and thus you can download it HERE as a pdf.

The original post can be found at this Strike-to-Stun thread as I am sure that some of you would like to give comments and suggestions to the author.

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