Creature of the Folk Lore

“Have you heard the story about the Beast of Bögen, stranger?”

About a year ago while writing for the Hand of Glory-scenario for Liber Fanatica 9 I contacted Sami Uusitalo for a little help. Originally he wrote a small addition to the story. But it did not take long for this addition to take a life of its own.

The Five Truths About the Beast of Bögen is a different kind of scenario. I wont go into details as they would certainly spoil the story but I do recommend GMs out there to run it. It works with almost any campaign of WFRP and really is a great addition.

The file has been updated in the Downloads section of WFRP2.

You may also directly download it HERE as a pdf.

The adventure has stats for WFRP2 only but if someone has the opportunity to make a conversion for WFRP3 I would like to host it here also (Sami Uusitalo actually asked me to do the stats so I imagine he has nothing against someone else doing them).

***Minor Spoiler warning for Hand of Glory!***

As for the Hand of Glory – you can actually still spot where this piece was going to be added. There is a minor error in the edit of LF9 on page 73. Act 2, Encounter 1 lists two possible outcomes 2a and 2b. Only one is given though and the 2b-option is put into a small box. I would however like to encourage GMs to use Five Truths About the Beast of Bögen in this Act. Episode 3 is good for it anyway.

***End of spoilers*** 

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