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While being sick put my creative time to halt I found myself browsing the statistics of the Daily Empire today. I was quite impressed to notice that “daily empire” had been searched for over 500 times in the passing year. Given that I’ve been trying to give out the link whenever possible that is quite a substantial number of searches. Thanks for that!

I was also intrigued by the fact that after “daily empire” and all its variations what was most common term to find this site was “warhammer steampunk” (and its variations). I’ve posted only one post about this kind of thing. At least if my memory serves me.

I would have thought that the one-sheets or The Cult of the Possessed would have got more hits but looks like you want your blackpowder and flying hot-air balloons with a little pinch of  mechanical horses and steamengines! Now personally I’m not a big fan of the whole steampunk genre but I must admit I’ve used it in our games too.

As for what pages have been visited since the Daily Empire was opened other than the main page (9,671 hits!) one-sheets, adventure seeds and the Cult come in with flying colors. It is a bit funny though that even though this site is supposed to be an “inspirational site” and was started to host the list for warhammerish movies these pages have fever hits than the steampunk post.

All in all I guess you want a little more steampunk right? Then I suggest you to give comments or send me mail as I’ll begin the work on the finale of the Master of Shadows-campaign at January 2013.

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