Winter Solstice is coming

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It is a promotion of material written and designed by the host of the Daily Empire, Lauri Maijala. This does not mean that the Daily Empire would turn into a promotional field or abandon WFRP. It just means that it is a pretty damn good game to try out.

A month ago an introduction was published.

Since then there has been quite a lot of work done with the Eldritch Sigils but as things tend to move up to their own speed we are not quite there yet. However we are ready to present a small (should I say) “commercial” about what is to come.

House of Gods is an adventure aimed to be played during a single night or in a convention. It sends up to five Native American braves to fight for their right to rule the tribe but just might include a twist that makes it a lot more entertaining. And “oneshotty”.

This scenario uses the most basic rules of Eldritch Sigils; it is stripped from a lot of the “full rules” in the sake of being able to learn the system and play the game in a few hours. It is the first of a series of similarly themed (or at least build) adventures.

In the midst of all the snow here in Finland I hope that this adventure finds you and your group with a little time (and PCs) to kill. If you have anything at all to say about this first installment I hope you bring it up either here or send me a direct email.

I should point out that as we are currently without illustrators this pdf (and those that follow) are lacking in art. We have every intention to get more eye-candy once we are able to support the artist(s).

DOWNLOAD House of Gods

Enjoy the story. May it be brutal.

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