Salvaged Goods

As it seems that Strike-to-Stun is having some problems with hosting files, Sami Uusitalo asked the Daily Empire to host his magnificent work. It was not a difficult decision to make. I would not be a good host if I wouldn’t point out that in addition to great writing these documents have extremely pleasuring for the eye thanks to Pasi Juhola‘s art work and layout skills.

The following files can also be found at the WFRP2 Download section.

There Are No Such Things As Skaven
 – Download as a PDF
There are no Such Things as Skaven… is a short adventure best suited for characters in their first or second careers, but it can be easily modified to suit any group. The structure of the scenario is loose, directed more by character actions than by events. The adventure is set in a small town near Nuln, but with minor modifications any Imperial town could be used. This adventure best lends itself as the PCs’ first real encounter with the mythical Ratmen known as Skaven. But it works just as well with a party that already knows the Skaven are more than just a subspecies of Beastmen or bedtime stories told to children. The mood of this adventure is one of hidden threat and mounting tension.
TiSAM_coverThere Is Something About Marie 
There’s Something About Marié is a scenario suitable for characters of any experience level that can be run independently or as an interlude in a longer campaign like The Thousand Thrones. For the purposes of the scenario it is assumed that the Player Characters are travelling in a river barge along one of the tributaries of the great River Reik, but could be placed along any river within Sigmar’s Empire and with a little work even the river can be replaced with a road if the PCs are more of the footslogging persuasion. Adventure removed at the request of the author.
Blasphemous Cults, vol.1 – The Order of the Feathered Lord – Download as PDF
This document introduces a new an well-thought cult for heroes to compete against. I personally used this as the backbone of a major campaign set on the waterways of the Empire. The first part of this document is written as by a Witch Hunter and can thus be given to players as a hand out if need arises.
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Poll for Fan Scenario Winner 2013

The Daily Empire is proud to present you with the official poll for the WFRP3 fan scenario 2013 poll.

This competition was started by Emirikol at the FFG’s forum. The three adventures posted are presented and hosted here for you judgement. Read them through, play them and vote for your favorite.

The poll ends at November 21st after which the winner is announced!

Comments for the adventures are more than welcome.

Lost and Found, by No.12

One Hand Gives, the Other Takes It Away, by Emirikol

The Steward of Grauwerk Manor, by Valvorik

Harvest Time is Upon Us

Since the StS downloads sections seems to be having some problems, Ovid send his excellent WFRP2 scenario “A Bitter Harvest” to be hosted here too. Though I think it is good to have these kind of resources spread out for broader visibility, lets hope that the StS gets the section working

DOWNLOAD A Bitter Harvest (pdf)

I would also like to add that if Ovid has nothing against it, I would be glad to host conversion files for this adventure. That is if someone would be willing to convert it for WFRP3 for example.

Goog Autumn and games for everyone!

Small But Vicious Dog, STOLEN!

An evil fiend has done a deep most horrible! He has stolen the priced jewel of von Perle‘s canines!

This deed cannot go unpunished! When the need arises heroes must seize it. Will the party be up to the challenge of the Mystery of the Stolen Thunder? Find out by downloading the newest one page scenario – now in two pages!


Update: And if anyone is interested in proof-reading and/or commenting this or other works on the Daily Empire, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Monk, Murder and Madness

Better late than never. I received a scenario almost a week ago and promised to upload it “tonight”. And here we are.

Valvorik (Rob Harper) has written an adventure “for Players willing to roleplay social scenes and investigation.” This 48 pages mammoth is statted for WFRP3 and has various tools to be used but I see no reason why any GM could not run this with earlier editions.

“This adventure is inspired by Susanna Gregory’s story in the Hill of Bones collection by the Medieval Murderers authors group”, Valvorik says. But I think that those who liked “The Name of the Rose” should not be disappointed either.