Harvest Time is Upon Us

Since the StS downloads sections seems to be having some problems, Ovid send his excellent WFRP2 scenario “A Bitter Harvest” to be hosted here too. Though I think it is good to have these kind of resources spread out for broader visibility, lets hope that the StS gets the section working

DOWNLOAD A Bitter Harvest (pdf)

I would also like to add that if Ovid has nothing against it, I would be glad to host conversion files for this adventure. That is if someone would be willing to convert it for WFRP3 for example.

Goog Autumn and games for everyone!

One thought on “Harvest Time is Upon Us

  1. I’ve e-mailed doc_cthulhu to this effect, but just to say publicly: I’ve nothing against other stats for this scenario. I hope people play and enjoy it however they want!

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